Jesse Joy’s New Song Advocates For LGBTQ+ Youth With a Powerful Message

The video ends by offering resources in Mexico for people of sexual diversity who might be looking for help. Jesse Joy also teamed up with the United Nations Office of Drug and Crime (UNODC) and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) to make this video possible and push the conversation forward.

The profits from this video will be donated to the Yaaj Mexico Foundation, for the continuity of their social work in Mexico, and for their labor supporting young victims of sexual violence.

Jesse Joy got 198 of their closest friends to appear in their new video “Love (Es Nuestro Idioma).” This song aims to raise awareness on the violence the LGBTQ+ community is subjected to not only in Mexico, but around the world, and educating people on the importance of eliminating conversion therapies.

In the video we see different personalities sing along with the anthem and proclaim that “Love is our language” in colorful attire that represents all the colors of the rainbow.

Alejandro Sanz, Mau y Ricky, Ángela Aguilar, Danna Paola, Eugenio Dérbez, Fonseca, Galilea Montijo, Juanes, Juanpa Zurita, Kany García, Llane, Laura Pausini, Luis Fonsi, Maite Perroni, Mon Laferte, Monserrat Oliver, Natalia Jiménez, Pipe Bueno, Rommel Pacheco, Sebastián Ruli, Sofía Reyes, Thalía, Tommy Torres, Vadhir Dérbez, Vanesa Martin, and many more became a part of this call to action, and are continuing to share the message with the hashtag #LoveEsNuestroIdioma.

“Sexual orientation is not something that you can or have to cure,” a message reads toward the end of the video. “‘Conversion therapies’ subject people to different acts of torture like denying their freedom, electroshocks, corrective violations, and exorcisms, among others.”

A second message follows, revealing that 4 out of 10 youths acknowledged they live in a hostile environment where they’re forced to deny their gender identity and sexual orientation because their families want them to meet “social expectations,” and are forced to go through conversion therapies.

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