June 19, 2024

Jennifer Lopez’s Insane Hermès Gym Bag Is the Type You DEFINITELY Store in a Locker

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have got to be the most stylish gym buds on planet Earth, right? The couple made an appearance at Alex’s TruFusion fitness center in Florida, and J Lo made sure she was not to be missed.

The singer wore a coordinated top and yoga pants in dental white with neon mirrored aviator sunglasses, bright green Nike sneakers, and a wild chartreuse Hermès bag ($18,500).

She looked flashy to say the least, but then again it’s just like Jennifer to make a statement when she’s on the go.

Read on to catch another glimpse of J Lo’s outrageous accessories, then shop for some very striking alternatives to the classic gym duffel if you’re into the vibes she’s sending. PS Don’t forget to lock up your new, crazy-cool tote. We definitely hope J Lo remembered to!

Jennifer Lopez Has Had So Many Great Nail Art Looks, We Can’t Pick a Favorite

One the scale from one to Jennifer Lopez for how extra we like our beauty looks, we aim for J Lo, always. Whenever she steps on the red carpet or shows up at a major event, we look forward to seeing her nail art, makeup, and hair just as much as we do her outfit. But, if there’s one area in particular that Lopez especially excels, it’s with her nail looks.

Her go-to manicurist Tom Bachik is the mastermind behind the star’s best designs, including her blinged-out Super Bowl mani and pretty much any award show you can think of. From intricate patterns to nail art using Swarovski crystals, J Lo has had so many great mani moments it’s hard to keep track. Even when she does opt for a single paint color, she stays on-trend – and sometimes even predicts the next best thing – with her tips.

Whether you’re looking for nail inspiration for your next manicure appointment or just a major stan, we rounded up Lopez’s best nail looks for you to browse, ahead. (We recommend getting comfortable first – there are a lot. )

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