April 19, 2024

Jennifer Lopez’s $100 clip-ins are the secret to a perfect celeb-style fringe

On Wednesday, August 7, Appleton shared some advice for those who are on the fence about getting a fringe. “If you’re not sure about committing, then try clip-on bangs,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories, saying, “A razor cut is the most natural chill finish. ”

He added that blasting faux fringe with Color Wow Style on Steroids Texturizing Spray gives them an especially cool, convincingly real look.

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez is a fan of hair extensions, a love she likely acquired from her go-to stylist, Chris Appleton, who regularly adds lots of length to his celebrity clients’ natural hair. Throughout 2018 and 2019, we’ve watched J. Lo seamlessly switch from lobs to super-long looks – we’re talking nearly floor-length styles – and back again in a matter of days.

But she doesn’t rely on extensions for only Rapunzel-esque braids and hip-hitting pigtails. If Lopez gets a hankering for bangs, Appleton doesn’t dare take scissors to the entertainer’s hair; instead, he uses extensions perfectly suited for the forehead.

If you need proof, he was happy to provide it. In the same series of posts, Appleton shared a gorgeous photo of Lopez wearing a topknot with lash-skimming bangs that flip out on their longer sides, adding the cheeky caption “Banging @jlo” and tagging both Color Wow and Glam Seamless, a hair-extensions brand. Although it’s not clear if the photo of Lopez is a very recent one – he has posted photos of her with similar fringes on and off over the months – what is clear is that the Glam Seamless bangs look amazing on her.

Luckily, Appleton also shared a photo of the exact Glam Seamless product he uses on J. Lo, with a link to the brand’s Clip-In Bangs, which are made with Remy human hair that can be washed and styled just like the hair that grows out of your head. It appears Appleton uses the Mocha Bronde Balayage version of the bangs, though being a colour expert, he could tweak the shade at will.

For the rest of us who just want an instant match, there are nearly 20 natural-looking shades to choose from, all ranging from $95 to $105 on glamseamless. com.

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