February 21, 2024

Jennifer Lopez Affleck did hot corporate-core at the 2002 VMAs and we can’t quit thinking about it

The year is 2002. We are post-9/ 11, however pre— most points we bear in mind about the 2000s (The O. C. , MySpace, etc). Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are an A-list couple who are not yet engaged for the very first time.

And probably due to the fact that she does not require to match her set to the pink ruby rock he will quickly offer to her, Jenny From the Block rolls up to the MTV Video Music Awards using. . . this:

Theo Wargo Reminder: Ally McBeal had simply finished, the show that fooled individuals right into thinking clothing like a legal representative was warm. 2002 could be the least elegant year ever before. Keep in mind, kiddos, Y2K wasn’t everything about low-rise pants as well as letting your aquamarine bra bands jab out from under a white tank top.

We were also placing fuss and ruffles on every damn thing. The shoes? Ageless. The skirt? Attractive! The jacket? Actually just tear the additional fuss off and also you have a perfectly good Victorian sports jacket point occurring. As for the curls— they ought to be pinned back right into an Old Hollywood appearance, coupled with a silk gown and worn to the Oscars, beloved!

The make-up is lovely, and the bag is cute. Standing behind Lopez is future head of state Donald Trump, whose program The Apprentice would not premiere for one more 2 years, so I’m not totally sure why he was at an MTV honors show, but such is Hollywood. I was really also sidetracked by Lopez’s clothing

to also see him the first time I looked at these pictures. For every Green Dress there’s a Weird Black Outfit. Much like in her relationship with Affleck, Jennifer Lopez gained from her past and also did much better the following time. The net never ever forgets.

The 2022 VMAs take place this Sunday, 28 August— will certainly the ‘fits be as memorable? This post originally appeared on GLAMOUR US.

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