April 15, 2024

Jennifer Lawrence Is Getting Heat for Her Comments About Women in Action Movies

“Now how Jennifer Lawrence gon sit up here and say there wasn’t a female actress in an action movie until her in Hunger Games,” reads one popular tweet. “So what was Pam Grier, Sigourney Weaver, Uma Thurman and Mila Jovovich doing? ”

The fact that men play the lead character in most action movies, or that Hollywood bigwigs are often sceptical that female-led films can attract a male audience, is hardly a wild leap – whether or not Hunger Games did it first.

And Lawrence did have her defenders among the commentariat. “Everyone’s dragging J-Law for this, but it’s pretty clear she’s sharing (with great derision) what was told to her and her team by studio execs, not what she thought at the time,” reads one tweet.

Another reads, “Look, I’m not saying that Jennifer Lawrence quote isn’t funny, but the fact that everyone is like ‘oh yeah what about this very specific handful of female led examples of action movies that are decades apart’ sort of feels like maybe that isn’t the slam dunk they think it is. ”

I don’t know, maybe we should all give Jennifer Lawrence a break on this one.

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