May 20, 2024

Jennifer Coolidge broke into JLo’s hotel room to find out what lashes she wears

Jennifer Coolidge has given us many wonderful things: the bend-and-snap, two seasons of White Lotus, and some of our favourite on-screen quotes (“I’m taking the dog, dumbass”). Now, she’s embarked on another mission that may have just earned her global treasure status: finding out what lashes JLo uses for her signature full flutter.

Jennifer Coolidge (or JCo as she’s recently been dubbed) took the opportunity to snoop on Jennifer Lopez’s beauty stash while on a press circuit to promote their new film, Shotgun Wedding. But rather than going under the radar, she filmed the whole thing on JLo’s phone.

Exposing her to fans, JLo posted the video to her instagram with the caption “Found this in my phone… 😂,” before signing it off “JLo and JCo. ”

In the clip, Jennifer Coolidge reveals “Hey, you know, this is so weird? This isn’t my hotel room. This is JLo’s hotel room. Oh my God, I’m on your phone. » She even addressed Jennifer’s fans. “Hey JLovers. I’m not JLo but I’m loving you JLovers,” adding, «her jewels are in here. I’m gonna be in so much trouble. I’m totally f*cked. I gotta get out of here. ”

Before leaving though, Jennifer Coolidge revealed she planned on finding out what lashes Jennifer Lopez uses to keep her lashes so long and defined.

“I want to find her lashes,» JCo said. «She has lashes that are like two inches long but you can’t quite tell that they’re fake. I wanna find them…Shh…” Sadly, the clip cut away before Jennifer Coolidge could disclose her findings, so we’re gonna need her to report back with a follow-up video asap.

In the meantime, we’ve done a little sleuthing of our own to help JCo out. Last July, makeup artist Hrush Achemyan let slip that she used a pair of £5 I-Envy Real Fluffy lashes on the singer when getting her glam (the lashes are still sold out).

As for emphasising JLo’s lashes, her long-time makeup artist, Mary Phillips listed all the products she used on Jennifer to create her look while promoting Shotgun Wedding in LA. She called on Tweezerman’s rose gold eyelash curlers for extra lift and Armani’s Eyes To Kill mascara for definition.

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