June 20, 2024

Jennifer Aniston has teased the launch of a new beauty brand

Sending fans into a frenzy (us included), the actor today posted an Instagram post with the caption, “Something’s coming,” next to two mysterious photos, both of the back of her head and body.

Jennifer Aniston’s iconic beauty looks have spanned generations, from her ‘Rachel’ haircut back in the ’90s, to her glossy skin at 52. The Friends actor is known for her pared-down approach to beauty these days, sporting natural makeup and an enviable healthy mane many of us would love to own. So really, it’s about time that Jen An launched her very own beauty brand, which we *think* is what’s about to happen here…

Sounds intriguing, but how do we know this has anything to do with the world of beauty? Well, Aniston also tagged another Instagram account in her post named ‘Lolavie,’ which has already been verified and has over 11 thousand followers as we speak.

This is where the clues start dropping; as well as three super chic photographs that suggest this could be some kind of new lifestyle/beauty brand, a recent public filing for the trademark ‘Lolavie,’ sure seems to suggest we’re on the right track.

Filed back in 2019 and with its latest status update in May 2021, the trademark has been requested for ‘lotions for face and body; non-medicated soaps for face and body; non-medicated preparations for the care of the skin, hair, nails and body; bath gel; shower gel; deodorants for personal use. ’ Sure sounds like a beauty brand to us, hey?

But that’s not all. Back in 2010, the actor launched a fragrance under the same name, never explaining the full backstory to why, but hinting that it had “special significance,” when talking to the LA Times.

Could this be an extension to that? More perfumes? Maybe a hair range so we can get locks as silky as hers? Or what about skincare? We have SO MANY questions.

While many of us may be getting slight celebrity beauty brand fatigue, we will never not be OK with one from the Queen herself, Jen An. Nor will we be worthy, let’s be honest. All we can do is keep an eye on the Instagram account and wait for news – given that each of the account’s posts is dated ‘09. 08. 2021,’ we’re guessing it won’t be long now.

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