June 19, 2024

Jeffree Star just reignited his feud with Kat Von D in this explosive video

Jeffree Star is involved in enough drama to have a TV soap based on his life, and his infamous history of feuding with fellow beauty mogul, Kat Von D, has officially been reignited.

On Tuesday, Jeffree uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, called “Full Face of Brands That Hate Me”, and you guessed it – Kat was on there.

The pair were actually close friends for over ten years, but things quickly turned sour when Jeffree’s makeup brand was, as he describes, “skyrocketing while hers was stagnant. ”

Since then, they have been involved in endless social media feuds, including the classic altercation in 2016, when Kat Von D posted an Instagram photo of Jeffree’s face with a ‘no entry’ sign, saying that she wanted to ‘disassociate herself from him’ and even pulled the liquid lip shade she named after him from her collection. However, in the video, Jeffree mentions that Kat doesn’t have full control over her brand because he found the shade available to purchase online.

“If we all remember in Kat Von D’s video about me she said that she would be removing the ‘Jeffree’ liquid lip from Sephora and her website. Well we just logged onto KatVonDBeauty. com which is her personal website and you can click right now and still buy the ‘Jeffree’ lipstick.

“The fact that you are the face of the brand and your names on the packaging and you couldn’t even get my shade taken down… Can’t relate. I own my own company. ”

At around the 13-minute mark in the video, which already has over 4. 5 million views, Jeffree pulls out a battered Kat Von D contour palette, which he claims is the ‘last thing he has of hers in his makeup archive’, before mentioning “this is the shady bronzer…fitting. ” With all this tea, Lipton are about to go out of business.

He then delved into all of the old drama between them saying: “You’ve never met her. Do I know the real tea? Of course I do. ”

Later on, Jeffree being Jeffree, of course had to take things further, and tweeted a screenshot from the video captioned ‘Here is an actual picture of Kat Von D’s baby when it found out they weren’t getting vaccinated’, obviously in reference to Kat’s controversial decision earlier this year.

There’s clearly a lot of unfinished business between the pair, as Jeffree went on to explain that while scrolling through YouTube he came across a video titled ‘Kat Von D came for Jeffree Star’.

The video showed a screenshot from Kat’s recent wedding video in which someone had commented ‘Jeffree Star is watching this right now’ and Kat replied stating ‘Jeffree who? ;)’. Oh girl, she was asking for trouble, and Jeffree snapped.

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“Jeffree who? How about Jeffree who had a lipstick with my mother f***ing name on it, with your company, for the last ten years. How about Jeffree that’s in all your books, all your memories. ” He says in the video.

“I don’t know why she’s still talking about me, so I thought let me just respond so I can stop getting a million Tweets about it because it does get really old. It’s like a constant reminder, an open wound. ”

It would seem this drama is definitely far from over, and while we wish everyone could just get along, we can’t help but wait with baited breath for the next episode…

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