May 25, 2024

Jameela Jamil Is Hitting Back Against Anti-Abortion Sentiment

Jameela Jamil has issued a rallying cry against anti-abortion sentiments, particularly in the US, telling those who opt for a termination that they have “nothing to be ashamed of”.

“It is healthcare. It is your right,” her latest Instagram post reads.

“Women have always been, and still are dehumanised by the state,” she wrote. “Dead bodies can’t have more bodily rights and dignity than women…

She went on to highlight the “horrifying mortality rates for childbirth” and the disproportionate way current healthcare systems and abortion legislation and restrictions in the US disadvantage Black women.

“Don’t get distracted. Don’t get fatigued. We are on the precipice of the end of civilization,» Jameela Jamil wrote.

In this post, she has also reshared a video of her appearance on US chat show The View in September 2022, where she attacked Republican takes on abortion rights and opened up about her own termination in the process.

“Most people do not use abortion as a form of birth control,” she said. “When I had my abortion, it’s because I used a condom and it broke. And then I took the morning after pill within six hours, which is way before the end of when you’re supposed to take it. ”

She went on to interrogate a lesser-known fact about emergency contraception – the fact that it’s less effective if you’re over a certain weight.

«Because I [weighed] over 175 pounds, it didn’t work on me – and the pharmacist didn’t tell me. That’s not general knowledge that if you’re over a certain weight it’s less effective.

“That’s not my fault. I shouldn’t have to give up the rest of my life or risk my life or maybe die because contraceptive made by men failed. ”

Calling the situation “ridiculous”, she pointed out that we have a responsibility to not bring unwanted children into a very complicated and difficult world.

“If we force millions more people into a world where we have no baby formula, not enough access to healthcare, not enough access to education, not enough access to shelter, the cost of living crisis, the housing crisis, we are already way over our heads,” she said.

“So if we are forcing millions of people into this world, we are as a society, whether you are right whether you are left whether you are pro life or not. It doesn’t matter. You will all suffer the consequences of a crowded broken political healthcare and education system. ”

Thank you, Jameela Jamil, for speaking truth to a cause close to the hearts of so many people.

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