Jada Pinkett Smith, Is Putting Her Wisdom on the Table

PS: Moving on to a more serious note, you’ve been a strong advocate for women’s rights and you recently praised Jessica Chastain for standing up for pay equity. Do you think we’re starting to see a change in the industry, especially now that we have the #MeToo Movement and Time’s Up?

JPS: I definitely think there’s change happening for sure, but to be real with you, I think that we, as women, have to focus a lot more on how we treat each other. I think that if we took the time to put aside our issues in regards to however we view each other – because there’s many different layers to that whole topic in regards to how women relate – I really do think that we would make an even greater difference.

Coming together in regards to the #MeToo movement has just proven what I’ve known always: that you can’t just have white women in one corner, Latin women in another corner, black women in one corner, Native American women in another corner, Asian women. .. if we all come together and unite, how much power will we have? The #MeToo movement, to a certain extent, has been an example of that. We need to dive into that concept more deeply because men will follow, as you can see. They’ll have no choice. So the more that we can really focus on how we relate and unifying ourselves strongly, deeply, and authentically, all the rest will happen.

PS: I totally agree. I feel like so many women have this mindset that we have to compete against each other, but we can accomplish so much more if we work together and empower one another.

Jada Pinkett Smith, Is Putting Her Wisdom on the Table

JPS: Absolutely, and I agree with you completely. And that’s one of the things that Gabrielle Union and I talk about in our episode because it had been a long time that she and I didn’t really communicate for really stupid reasons. Just old stuff like young, dumb stuff, ego. Just like, “Now, I’m the baddest b*tch in the room.” “No, I’m the baddest b*tch in the room.”

PS: Yeah, and then you don’t even know why you’re fighting anymore.

JPS: Exactly, and so I gave Gab a call, and I was just like, “Hey, man. Let’s talk about this.” Once I started to see what she was doing in the world and how she was growing as a woman and a lot of changes that I’d made in my life, I was saying to myself, “You know what, Jada? In all honesty, you can’t ask women from all different walks of life to unify. You need to look at your own world and see where are some of your relationships with females in your life are not the best and you need to start on that journey of fixing that, your little small arch.” Gab was one of them and I just called her, and I was like, “Man, let’s talk.” And we did and it was great. We talked about the necessity of us, women in general, needing to put aside their insecurities and all of the bad messaging that we’ve been told that women don’t get along, that we’re supposed to compete, and all of that nonsense, and how we, as individuals, have to work on that even in our world outside of movies, you know what I mean?

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