Charlotte Tilbury reveals her genius beauty hacks – including wetting her makeup brush

So, when Charlotte reveals any little makeup hacks or tricks, we listen intently and take serious notes. Speaking to Mail Online, Charlotte has just revealed the secrets to getting exactly the right highlighter for your skin tone.

You have to work with your natural colour, she says, and choose a shade to compliment it.

Charlotte Tilbury knows her makeup. She’s easily one of the industry’s most iconic and revered artists. She makes up some of the world’s most famous faces and her latest collection of eye shadows, cheek colours and lip glosses has a waiting list of 17,500 people.

“Bronze, deep gold and rose gold shades look gorgeous on darker skin tones,” she says. “Very fair skin tones should look for a pearlescent finish.” If you’ve got fair skin, opt for champagnes and pale golds. If you’ve got a sort of medium shade skin, choose a “peach gold finish”.


She also gave us some instructions for applying highlighter for the glowiest, dreamiest look. “For the perfect, glowgasmic highlight, I always apply to the cheekbones, cupid’s bow, inner corners of the eyes, décolletage, arms, and even legs,” she says.


Probably her best piece of glow-getting advice was this: Dip your makeup brush into a little bit of water before you apply highlighter to your face. “The smooth, creamy formula glides across the skin like a liquid highlight but sets like a powder and captures the light beautifully,” she says.

Seriously. Noted. If Charlotte Tilbury says to wet our makeup brushes before putting on highlighter, we’ll be wetting our makeup brushes before putting on highlighter.

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