June 19, 2024

It’s what the beauty experts at Clé De Peau Beauté call ‘step zero’

In actual fact, cleansing is key to unlocking a truly radiant complexion – and the best cleansers will work with your skin to help restore and improve its condition.

Used morning and night, the right cleansing formula won’t just remove impurities and help prevent breakouts, but also fight pollution, boost hydration and glow, and even tackle ageing (think reinforcing the skin’s barrier function, so it becomes noticeably stronger and more resilient to external aggressors).

If you’re anything like me, you might have spent hours mulling over your next moisturiser purchase – working out which high-end formulation is going to give you the most nourished glow. But have you ever given as much thought to your cleanser?

If not, all that research could go to waste, because the key to healthy, strong skin actually lies in our cleansing routines. When we invest in skincare, cleansing is often overlooked – so many of us think of it as ‘prep’ rather than a proper skincare step, and assume that because a cleanser is washed off almost as soon as it’s applied, it doesn’t really matter what we use.

That’s why the beauty experts at Clé De Peau Beauté call cleansing ‘step zero’, because their cleansers start replenishing and nourishing skin before you even get to the rest of your routine.

Hailing from Japan, where the science of beauty is always one step ahead, Clé De Peau Beauté has curated a selection of new facial cleansers that combine cutting-edge technology and luxury ingredients to create an intelligent and customisable cleansing regime that works with your skin to rebuild radiance and resilience from within.

So how do they work, and what makes them different? I spoke to Clé De Peau Beauté’s National Education Manager and experienced aesthetician Julia Stewart about the signature technologies used in its cleansing series, and the different uses for each of the formulas.


Every day oil builds up on the skin and bacteria, grime and pollution settle on our faces. Washing these off effectively is essential to keeping skin clear and healthy, says Julia. “Pollution doesn’t just sit on the skin – it can actually enter the pores and cause damage, ageing us.

That’s why our latest cleansers and scrub contain a brand-new ingredient – urban pro-clear powder. The technology works on removing even the smallest pollutants from the skin by acting like a magnet – each tiny sphere of powder has microscopic pores of its own, which draw pollution out and engulf it, so you can wash it away. Most cleansers can’t reach those really tiny microparticle pollutants in the pores like this can. ”


Wash your face with harsh products and you risk disrupting the natural barrier of the skin. However, Clé De Peau Beauté’s Resililock technology not only avoids damaging the skin barrier, but improves it, says Julia. “Many cleansers interfere with the intracellular lipids that hold skin cells in a resilient ‘brick wall’ structure.

That means the skin becomes vulnerable: it loses moisture, is less protected and more prone to damage.

We’ve always used technology that stops that from happening, but this time with Resililock, which is an ingredient derived from coconut, we go a step further and actually improve the alignment of those intracellular lipids. So every time you use the products, that protection from the elements gets stronger and stronger. ”


“More and more people are concerned by the effects of oxidation on the skin, especially the damage it causes to collagen and the premature ageing it encourages,” explains Julia.

“So we packed these cleansers full of the best antioxidants we could find. We’ve gone for a different antioxidant source in each product in the range, because they all work in slightly different ways. So if you use the micellar water or eye and makeup remover and then go on to use the cleanser or scrub, you will get double the antioxidant action with two different superfoods in your routine. ”

See the ‘step zero’ cleansing heroes, below, for more on each superfood ingredient.

Clarifying Cleansing Foam, £50, Available Exclusively at Cult Beauty


Cleansing is good for skin – and for your emotional wellbeing. That’s why every thought has been put into making Clé De Peau Beauté the ultimate in self-care, as well as skincare. “We’ve noticed how important ritual can be recently, amid so much uncertainty,” says Julia. “A skincare routine can provide a sense of stability and normality. With Clé De Peau, we engage the senses fully. In our cleansing foams, we know that the smaller the bubbles, the better it cleans, and the richer it feels. So we’ve managed to produce bubbles 50 times smaller than our competitors. It really elevates the experience. ” Along with other luxury ingredient combinations, such as diamond powder, it’s a true treat for the senses.


So how to use this impressive line-up of products? Whatever your skin type, there’s a routine for you, says Julia. She recommends double cleansing – a meticulous approach rooted in Japanese tradition. First, use a micellar or oil-based cleanser, then go in with the appropriate foam or scrub for double the replenishing effect.

Micellar Cleansing Water, £60, Available Exclusively at Cult Beauty

In the morning, sweep your skin with the Micellar Cleansing Water (£60). It’s enriched with antioxidant starfruit extract to diffuse heat and toxins, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate. It’s extremely gentle on the skin, so suitable for all skin types, and offers a significant hit of moisture, with six hours of hydration.

Softening Cleansing Foam, £50, Available Exclusively at Cult Beauty

Next, if your skin is normal to dry or sensitive, follow up with the Softening Cleansing Foam (£50). This cashmere-soft cocoon will leave skin supple and gleaming, and incredibly soft to the touch thanks to amino acids and antioxidant raspberry extract. If your skin is oily or congested, the Clarifying Cleansing Foam (£50) with microbubbles and exfoliating pearls will brighten your complexion as well as tighten pores.

Eye & Lip Makeup Remover, £45, Available Exclusively at Cult Beauty

In the evening, use the Eye And Lip Makeup Remover (£45) to remove even the most stubborn makeup, then repeat the steps above for a triple cleanse. With argan and camellia oils, as well as antioxidant olive leaf extract, it’s delicate, nourishing and effective, and avoids rubbing the delicate eye area.

Skin Refining Clay Scrub, £60, Available Exclusively at Cult Beauty

Once or twice a week, boost your routine with the Skin-Refining Clay Scrub (£60). This renewing formulation containing rose apple leaf extract, kaolin clay and refining beads will gently reveal smooth, vibrant skin, as well as refine its texture (it can even be used as a wash-off mask).

Clé De Peau Beauté’s new cleansers are available exclusively at Cult Beauty. Spend £150 at Cult Beauty and receive a complimentary Clé De Peau Beauté Supreme 3-step gift worth £122 to restore skin’s vitality and prevent ageing.

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