May 19, 2024

It’s Day 20 And People Are Literally Wearing Their Pillows

That’s right, fashion influencers around the world are belting pillows to their bodies like a dress during quarantine. It’s been dubbed the #QuarantinePillowChallenge, and a lot of resulting looks are surprisingly chic.

Staying home and wearing sweatpants all day? Totally normal. Necessary even. And just when we thought the new business casual couldn’t get any more comfortable, a new trend started sweeping social media: wearing pillows.

We’ve seen everything from ruffles to animal print and plenty of monochromatic “outfits” with matching accessories. We especially love the creative toilet paper purse below. Some people are even using their comforters to create a high-low dress.

The challenge is really catching on, too, with over 26,000 posts on Instagram. And while wearing pillows may seem silly, if you ask us, playing dress-up sounds like a fun way to pass time while staying home. Plus, we could all use a little lighthearted relief right now.

So grab a pillow, your favorite belt, and any accessories, then get to work! For more inspiration, scroll through some of our favorite pillow challenge looks below.

Looking Back at Annie Murphy’s Schitt’s Creek Wardrobe Will Make You Want to Be “A Little Bit Alexis”

Like a Lamborghini or a Hollywood star, Alexis Rose’s wardrobe sticks out like a sore thumb in the small town of Schitt’s Creek. Alexis, brought to life by the hilarious Annie Murphy, refused to give up on fashion just because her family lost its fortune and ended up living at the Rosebud Motel. No matter how small the occasion or outing, you can pretty much always expect Alexis serving up some seriously boho-inspired looks, showing off a minidress, ankle boots, and her perfectly coiffed beach waves right alongside her exasperation (“Ew, David! ”).

Like the things David, Moira, and Johnny each wear, Alexis’s clothing is a relic of her former life – fabulous, yes; but most of the time, entirely impractical. Costume designer Debra Hansen and cocreator Dan Levy remind their audience with every luxury label and pair of sky-high heels she wears that Alexis’s wardrobe was designed for clubbing, galavanting, and, of course, regular vacations with celebrity friends, or aboard the yachts of wealthy businessmen. And, that’s half the fun of watching.

The series, which emerged as a sleeper hit, wrapped its sixth and final season this week, and since we’re feeling all kinds of nostalgic, we’re reminiscing with a few of her best style moments. Ahead, get inspired to be a little (la la la-la la la la) bit Alexis. Are you ready?

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