June 13, 2024

It’s called fashion…apparently, Photos

Popcorn: My sister, mother, and I were waiting in a long line at the Sam’s Club food court. The entire time I was waiting, I was mentally rehearsing what my order would be “one slice of cheese pizza please”, my mind was repeatedly screaming at me. when we got up to the cashier to pay, I got distracted by his cuteness so instead of asking for the pizza, I confidently said “one popcorn please”, which SAMs Club food court has none of. Once I realized my mistake, I screamed out “noooo”, loud enough for 50 people to look at me. embarrassed, I ran away and my mom and sister had to bring me the slice of pizza from my finding place in the freezer section. To this day, I beg people to order for me when anyone remotely attractive is working the cash register.

The European brand Moncler’s upcoming collection with British designer Craig Green is interesting to say the least.

You may be getting some Marshmallow Man vibes, but to add onto those, here’s an artistic video of the over-the-top outfits.

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