February 20, 2024

It’s all about the hat

One week ago the first snow fell. He melted, but if earlier the idea that it would be necessary to put on hats seemed far and even absurd, then suddenly she approached reality.

Even owners of natural insulation – a luxurious head of hair (oh, as you do not want to hide it! ) Is worth looking for a headdress. Fortunately, this year in the fashion of three-dimensional things – hair will not be called. Classics, romanticism, femininity, borrowing from the past and sweet immediacy are the main trends of fashionable autumn and among hats.

In the fashion for hats this fall, a few different directions are cute – of course, retro: 80’s and 30’s, 20’s and 50’s. Modern designers do not exactly copy the hats and hats of those years, but create variations on the themes, sometimes mixing several different styles. As for the color range, only pale colors are allowed to be fashionable gray, all the rest is a catchy palette: “In the autumn clothes are in muted colors,” says Svetlana Zubova, merchandiser, Marmalato.

“But the hat must be bright! ” Particularly relevant are saturated blue, red and violet colors. ” The main hit of this season is the headgear of a large mating. Today they knit everything – even hats and berets, not to mention hats, among which this fall can be identified several new products or rather well forgotten old models. But first things first.

It's all about the hat


Despite the considerable age, modern berets originate from Renaissance “barrels”, that is, they are even older than hats, but more modern and fashionable than fashionable. Classic berets are worn in two ways: either pull up to the eyebrows, or put elegantly carelessly on one side.

The classical beret model accepts variations in the form of buttons and pompoms on the crown, cut from wedges;from the materials used and drapes, and corduroy, and wool.

In the store Accessorize, according to the regional manager Ekaterina Smolkina, presents actual for the Siberian region berets from warm Angora wool. Absolute must have for lovers of berets – the original models oversize a large or smooth knitting – they are not just big, they’re almost like a parachute! “The undoubted hit of the autumn-2007 season is berets, voluminous and not very – you can wear anything: with a short jacket, with an elegant coat, with a jacket,” says Natalia Chernova, brand manager of Benetton and Sisley. “It all depends on your mood and, of course, on the weather. ”

Berets, Accessorize, from 700 to 1150 rubles.
Berets, Benetton, classic – 560, oversize – 805 rubles.


Ladies, as you know, do not have to take off their hat according to etiquette. And judging by the fashion trends, they can not do this throughout the fall – unless they change models. Fortunately, that stylistic trends are presented this season an amazing amount. In general, this is, of course, feminine, decorative models of elegant decades of the middle of the last century. “In our collection there is a pronounced trend of retro-style, – says Ekaterina Smolkina, Accessorize. – Wide range of different hats, decorated with decorative woolen colors, sequins, rhinestones. Specially for the Siberian region, models of hats, warmed with a fleece lining, were developed. ”

It's all about the hat
The new peak of popularity is experiencing the style of the 1920s: the so-called “clash”, or hats of the NEP era.

Models with a high solid round crown should be worn so that curls and a brightly colored mouth look out from under it, casting mysterious glances from under small fields.

A popular classic “man’s” hat, or fedora hats, has been held for the second year already. A distinctive feature of this season – two large symmetrical dents in the upper part of the crown.

Felt hats, “Bonnet”, from 1500 to 3000 rubles.
Hats, Accessorize, from 900 to 1150 rubles.


This hat is presented this fall in two ways. These are not voluminous models of wool and acrylic of large viscous vivid colors and jockeys, which have become fashionable with trousers-riding breeches: “In the autumn collection, you can find a variety of kevi tweeds in the traditional English style,” says Ekaterina Smolkina, Accessorize .

It's all about the hat

Kepi, Accessorize, from 700 rubles.
Kepi, “Bonnet”, from 1500 rubles.


Knitted hats are the undisputed leader of the autumn we are experiencing. Many will remember the school years: “The fashion of the 80s does not give up its positions this season,” Svetlana Zubova assures. –

As for the headdresses, we are returned to the hoods and hats-pipes, which are familiar from childhood.

The special charm of these headdresses is that they combine with both the classics and the sporting style. ”Of all the knitted models, the leader of the season can be described as combining all the main autumn trends with a bright voluminous hat-bag: “Undoubtedly, deliberately sloppy bag-cap is the main trend of the” head “fashion of this season,” Svetlana says. – These hats are worn with short jackets or down jackets, as well as with straight coats. ”

Hats-bags, pipes, hoods, Marmalato, from 250 rubles.
Knitted hats, Accessorize, from 700 rub.

So even in our cold city the circumstance of the place can become a pleasant addition.

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