Rent the Runway Is Teaming Up With West Elm to Give Your Home an Instagram-Worthy Update

“This is a monumental moment for Rent the Runway and the sharing economy as a whole,” RTR’s CEO, Jennifer Hyman, said in a statement. “We know that clothing is often a vehicle to help people feel confident and expressive, and this new partnership will unlock that feeling through home decor.”

Thanks to Rent the Runway, renting clothes has become a pretty familiar concept to many over the years, and soon enough, home decor rentals will too. The fashion brand that lets customers rent designer clothing items for affordable prices is partnering with West Elm to apply the same concept to home goods like blankets, decorative pillows, and shams.

According to Business of Fashion, home decor options will be available to customers through their RTR subscriptions. A standard subscription allowing members to rent up to four items costs $89 a month, while unlimited members pay $159 a month. Customers hoping to spruce up their bedrooms or living rooms can choose from 26 different “home bundles” – one bundle that includes a quilt, a blanket, shams, and decorative pillows counts as one item – that they can keep in their homes for as long as necessary and purchase later at a discounted price.

The bundles will be available to rent beginning in June. Read ahead for a peek at a few items that will be included.

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