Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s 6 top tips for styling the clutch bag this season

Bottega’s front man has found himself reigniting our love for several long-forgotten accessories since taking up the position of creative director last year, but none more so than the clutch thanks to his ‘pouch’.

They’re totally impractical and render the likelihood of finding yourself double-parked with fizz at the Christmas party almost zero, but for some reason the clutch bag has found itself at the top of every fashion insider’s must-have list this party season.

We say ‘for some reason’, but in fact there’s a very good reason. Or, at least, an explanation. He goes by the name of Daniel Lee.

Whether consciously or not, you’ve likely spotted the pouch countless times over recent seasons. Despite conducting absolutely no study – but judging by the simple fact that you’ve chosen to read this fashion feature – we feel confident predicting that every single one of you have at least one Bottega pouch sitting pretty on your Instagram feed right now.

Our other prediction? It’ll almost always be being carried by the ever-chic Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who is forever proving that not only does a clutch go with every kind of outfit, but also that the very same one can go with all manner of looks. Particularly if it’s a Bottega…

Here are Rosie’s 6 expert lessons in styling the clutch that we’re living by this winter.


Relatively self-explanatory, this look is all about pairing your pieces. Whatever the main colourway of your outfit – be it browns, greens, pinks – make sure your clutch is part of the family. It can be a deeper shade or even a pastel take, but make sure it ties in.


The neutral base is a particularly great way of dressing up an everyday outfit. If you don’t have time to change before heading out in the evening, swap your crossbody for a clutch in a neutral colour. It’ll not only go with everything, but it’ll elevate a jeans-and-a-top look perfectly for dinner.


If your outfit is feeling a bit flat, a great way to add dimension and depth is via soft textures. And while we may not always feel comfortable in a velvet dress – or dare to brave suede boots in unpredictable weather – a textured clutch creates an accent and adds an interesting layer to the look.


White is a hugely overlooked colour in winter, too often reserved solely for warmer climes. In fact it’s an endlessly chic and impactful shade to adopt in freezing temperatures. Crucially, it must be head-to-toe. That means your clutch, too…


Not the most obvious choice for a night out, the lack of hands-free fun available when grabbing a clutch all evening is soon forgotten when you see the impact of matching a punchy, 90s-reminiscent clutch with a fuchsia #lewk. A tote just doesn’t hold the same sentiment.


Unlike the aforementioned party pair, this styling technique involves disrupting an entirely neutral palette. Whether your look is entirely cream, beige or even brown, Rosie’s knack for incorporating a pop of colour challenges everything we’ve ever thought about the versatility of bright bags.

Into it? We’ll be clutching ours from now until next summer’s inevitable straw tote…

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