Jessie J’s ‘cellulite photo’ is going viral and we’re so here for it

This time around, it’s Jessie J who has delivered a powerful message to women across the world with a series of empowering Instagram snaps.

In a society where so many women have to fight to love their bodies, it’s always refreshing when a celebrity comes forward to promote body positivity.

The singer took to social media to share photos from her recent holiday to Bali, and instead of showcasing a body transformation, her 7 million followers were treated to a serving a self-love.

Posing in a black thong bikini and black fishnet top, the singer shared a candid full-length snap of herself standing beside the sea, complete with some candid captions to make sure body shamers knew she was totally feeling her vibe.

“Took ages to hairspray my hair like that. My shadow is my mood. Oh and for those telling me I have cellulite. I know. I own a mirror,” she captioned the post. Preach, Jessie!

The singer, who has been dating Channing Tatum for five months, was praised by her fans for her body confidence.

“This is what we need, women being real and honest and not afraid to show the reality that most of us have cellulite!! And yet we continue to look at filtered pictures of celebrities and believe that they don’t have it,” one fan commented.

“Thank you Jessie for being real and proving that we are all beautiful regardless of a few bumps on our booties.”

“Just went to try bikinis on and was bummed that I saw cellulite. Then this pic popped up on my feed and I thought it’s not so bad. People still love you even with it, so who cares. Thank you,” another wrote.

So, if you ever find yourself debating whether to post that bikini selfie, just remember that all bodies are beautiful, so so go ahead and show it off!

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