May 19, 2024

It seems like my actions, controlled by someone from outside

Notice that it is not always fully responsible for their actions. Feel the invisible presence of someone who controls me. Often can’t explain their actions, and sometimes it feels like I’m watching myself from the outside.

It happened that I “disconnected” and after I didn’t remember anything that happened. The rest of the time I act like all around. But always pursues the feeling that “I” would like “not me”, I find it hard to distinguish truth from their own fiction. Try to analyze their behavior, but feel a strong longing. Helps alcohol and pills often use them together. But there is side effects for a notice of suicidal tendencies. Medicines already put his heart and live with your pacemaker.

Michael, 19 years old

Michael, what you describe, not just difficulties, but a very dangerous situation. This is the case when I suggest to immediately see a specialist-psychiatrist.

Кажется, будто моими действиями, управляет кто-то извне

You describe symptoms that are life threatening. To ponder why you notice a strange things, it is better by working with a psychologist and a psychiatrist. It is important to understand when the first signs of a strange state, what events have their predecessors, that now works like a trigger, forcing you to disconnect.

Try to understand yourself. No need to condemn yourself if you recently relived the loss of contact with reality. Take care of yourself, ask yourself: “What could I do to help myself? Someone I could trust? ”

Be sure to share your problem with someone close to you: tell your parents, close relative or friend – do not stay alone with the experiences. Enlisting their support, getting help from a psychiatrist, you will feel more energy to fight your condition.

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