It looks like Legally Blonde 3 could actually be in the works

So it looks like our favourite character of all time is coming back to the big screen and we couldn’t be more excited. Elle Woods, who definitely became a feminist icon, despite all odds, has truly inspired our millennial generation and showed us where determination and hard work will get you.

After two movies and a Hollywood legacy to carry on, it seems like a whole team is just waiting for Reese Witherspoon’s green light. According to Deadline, MGM is near a deal with Reese Witherspoon to star and produce the sequel.

The website also confirms all is “coming together quickly” as Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah, who wrote the script for the first film, are “in final talks” to start writing Legally Blonde 3. Platt Productions who produced Legally Blonde, would be joined by Reese’s production company, Hello Sunshine – if Reese signs off the project, that is.

You may not know this but Kirsten and Karen – the writers from the first Legally Blonde movie – coming together is a huge deal. The duo is responsible for the scripts Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You and House Bunny, and with credits on She’s the Man and The Ugly Truth. Meaning we’re in for a BIG treat if this actually happens. And with Reese producing it, you know the plot will be very empowering.

All hints point to the sequel actually happening. So get working on that bend and snap, because Elle Woods will take on the millennial world – and we can’t wait.

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