Top makeup artists are creating ‘workout cheeks’ using blusher

Maybe she’s born with it? Maybe she just demolished a HIIT class? Or, maybe… she’s clued up on the freshest makeup application mode that the A-list MUAs are employing to give their clients beautifully flushed, sporty-looking skin.

Yep, the experts have taken the idea of looking “a picture of health” and run with it. The idea? To mimic that slightly sweat-slicked, post-workout glow – without a single squat.

We spoke to celebrity makeup artist and founder of RÓEN Beauty, Nikki De Roest (who’s painted the faces of Florence Pugh, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Hailey Bieber, to name a few), to get her intel on how the cool-girls are nailing glossy, lively complexions.

What would you say is the biggest blush trend of the moment

“Soft, warm, diffused, and truly looking like you’ve had a great workout class or brisk walk in the cold.”

What is the best way to apply blush, especially if you’re layering?

“I always like to start with contouring first, and then do the blush second. I love working with both cream contours and blushes. After I apply the cream contour, I like to use the same brush to dip into a cream blush, as I feel like it helps melt the two products together and makes the transition seamless.

I start the blush on the apples of the cheeks and then blend the remaining product into the shape of the contour that I’ve already created.”

If I want to set it longer, I will lightly dust a powder over the top. It has to be done with a very light touch, and very minimal product.”

“I prefer brushes, as I feel like it gives me the most control to place it in the right area and blend out smoothly without having any weird lines.

Where is the best place to apply blusher?

“This depends on the face shape, but I typically work from the apples of the cheeks and then go outwards and upwards. I also like to add a little of what’s remaining on my blush brush to the edges of my brow bones and temples.”

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