Is this why Serena Williams is wearing fishnet tights to play at Wimbledon?

She may have only given birth 10 months ago, but Serena Williams has just landed herself in the 2018 Wimbledon final with the chance of winning her 24th major title.

All hail… #AmIRight?

Serena Williams is absolutely owning her status as the one to beat

But while many of us were staring open-mouthed at her relentless strength and technique, others couldn’t help but notice an unusual element of her tennis gear.

Boasting the strictest dress code in the game, Wimbledon is famed for adopting a white-clothes-only uniform. Which is why Serena’s look started a conversation.

Courtside, you’d be forgiven for not noticing the anomaly, but thanks to the BBC’s diligent close-ups, several at-home viewers spotted that the sporting star stepped out wearing black fishnet tights. And Twitter was *seriously* into them…

But why was she wearing them? Were they compression tights? Were they to stop the dreaded chafe? Were they for the #fashun?

Regardless of the reason, Serena Williams: a Wimbledon semi-final… at the age of 36… 10 months after giving birth… in 29 degree heat… wearing tights.

Bow down, and scroll through some other moments Serena was #goals.

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