Why matte skin is making a mega comeback

What goes up, must come down. Glossy eyes, dewy skin and bases layered with strobe creams have been dominating the beauty scene for what feels like centuries… so is it all about to come to an end?

Matte skin has been taking a severe back seat, as dewy drives on, with satin finishes and shine-control powders reserved only for the ‘oily’ and ‘blemish-prone‘ among us.

But is there about to be a re-submergence for the masses? If the SS19 runway is anything to go by, the answer is yes…

Bring back the matte

Glossy skin was originally born on the runway, back when almost every fashion show circa 2016 was awash with wet-look, super-hydrated to the point of a noticeable sheen, skin.

Why matte skin is making a mega comeback

But this year we’ve finally seen a slight revert back to satin coverage, at shows like Tom Ford and Fendi.

“I wouldn’t say people are favouring the matte finish just yet, but you can see matte faces all over the catwalks at the moment and to be honest, I’m really excited to have a bit of a change-up with the finish on skin,” says celebrity makeup artist, Elizabeth Rita. “Although I love gloss and glow it’s just nice to have a choice again.”

How matte are we talking here?

When people think about matte skin, they tend to assume the extreme: Full coverage and sucked dry to the point of chalkiness.

But on the runway, Elizabeth says it’s more of a ‘barely-there matte finish’. Think of it more like a neutral skin finish. No gloss and sheen, but not matte to the point of flatness.
What can I do if I have dry skin?

We totally get it. If you have dry skin, you probably lean towards those super dewy products and think matte will only accentuate your dryness. BUT there are products that are super hydrating on the skin, yet provide a satin and shine-free finish.

Max Factor’s Radiant Lift Foundation (£14.99) is one of our favourites OR you can simply keep your dewy formula, but set with a mattifying powder like Laura Mercier’s Transulscent Powder (£29).

Elizabeth also recommends Make Up Forever’s Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation (£31). “Technically not a matte foundation, but with a touch of powder on the t-zone afterwards it fits the job perfectly and gives you a flawless, buildable foundation, with great end results for people with dry skin.”

And of course, if you suffer from dry skin, a good dose of moisturiser before you apply your foundation will work wonders.

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What can I do if I have oily or combination skin?

If you have oily or combination skin, you’ll know that just applying a matte foundation won’t cut it for all-day shine-free skin.

For you, prep is extremely important. Elizabeth says she’ll always start by cleansing the skin, using something like Nivea’s Micellair Professional Micellar Water (£5.99). “It deeply cleanses without irritation or leaving any product residue, this in itself gives you the perfect start for your matte makeup.”

She’ll then follow with a mattifying moisturiser (because oily skin needs hydration too) and then a shine-control primer like Estée Lauder’s The Mattifier Shine Control Perfecting Primer + Finisher (£27) or if you’re after a more budget option, Simple’s SOS clearing booster works wonders when applied to the T-zone.

Hell no. You don’t have to give away the glow all together, although Elizabeth recommend sticking to powder highlighters to keep the matte vibes going.

“If you like a bargain I can recommend Revolution Baked Highlighter Matte Lights for just £3, but if you want to splash out and treat yourself I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Bar of Gold Highlighter Palette (£49).”
What to pair with your matte base

With party season upon us, Elizabeth says to go bold or go home. “Trade in your nudes for some bright festive lips, and I don’t just mean a red. Try a dark pink or a velvet maroon shade.”

“Or if you’re not brave enough for a strong lip go for a heavier eye and add some sparkle on the lids.”

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