Is it too early to get excited about LUSH’s Halloween bath range?

Pimping your bath with a bubble bar, lathering yourself up with the lemon and fig scented Very Very Frightening shower gel, the spicy Boo shower slime or the lip smoothing Toffee Apple sugar scrub might be exactly the trick or treat you need.

Pfft. Nahhhh! Maybe it’s the nostalgia, maybe its the spring an adorable novelty ghost soap bar can put in our step or maybe it’s the no-holds-barred cosy vibes LUSH never fails to dish out, but this season – staying in or getting ripped by the government season – calls for more time spent indoors at home and thus, little pick-me-up mood boosters wherever we can get them.

Is it really autumn until you’ve wandered down the high street and caught the waft of the LUSH shop at the other end? Popping candy, cinnamon roll, toffee apple. Yum. Autumn, and Halloween specifically, is when the bath and body haven really comes into its own.

As the colder nights roll in, alongside Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, a fizzing bath bomb is a seasonal staple and an excellent reason to thaw out in the tub and brace ourselves for Jack-O-Lanterns and bonfire festivities.

But, given the sun is still shining and we’ve not yet entered October, is it too early to talk about LUSH’s Halloween bath range?

Since things are a little different this year, and we’ve spent a lot less time strolling into stores, we thought we’d bring the haul to you with a round-up of the best LUSH Halloween goodies to eye up for Autumn…

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