June 20, 2024

Is Cannabis-Infused Lube The Secret To Mind-Blowing Sex?

As marijuana legalization continues to spread across the states, we have started to hear more and more about the many wonders of weed.

It’s well known for its medical uses, from easing chronic pain to increasing appetite in cancer patients, and those who smoke it recreationally rave about its calming effect. Furthermore, some studies show smoking weed can give you a literal runner’s high, improving performance and reducing muscle fatigue, while others point to a heightened sex drive. Speaking of which, as it turns out, women are now looking to cannabis lube as the latest sexual enhancer.

Foria Pleasure is an all-natural sensual enhancement oil formulated with cannabidiol, a chemical unique to the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, though, cannabidiol (CBD) does not cause psychoactive effects, meaning you will not get high from applying it to your lady parts – or anywhere on your skin for that matter.

CBD oil is chock-full of good-for-your-skin compounds and antioxidants, and when applied topically, it hydrates, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and eases physical aches. But is cannabis lube really the secret to mind-blowing sex?

According to Foria, cannabis-infused lube promotes relaxation and increases blood flow, creating a potent “therapeutic aphrodisiac. ” Unlike the traditional lube your partner would pick up from the drugstore, this is best applied to the genitals 20 to 40 minutes before getting intimate, allowing the effects to set in. From there, it’s shown to promote natural lubrication, reduce pain from vaginal conditions like vulvodynia or vaginismus or from low estrogen levels, and create the relaxation necessary for sexual pleasure. And, yes, for some women, it leads to out-of-this-world orgasms, whether alone or with a partner.

Still, because marijuana remains a Schedule-1 substance, studying cannabis-derived ingredients is difficult. More research is needed to demonstrate efficacy and clear up confusion in the marketplace. However, anecdotally speaking, the evidence is encouraging. Cannabis-infused lube may be just what you need to light up your sex life. As Carrie Borzillo, a sex anthropologist, put it for MG Magazine, “…Every thrust felt magical. The buildup was very powerful, and when the orgasm came it was stronger than ever and rippled through my body from the tips of my toes to my eyelashes. ”

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