Wearing your shirt with a ‘French tuck’ is so major right now

Well, it turns out it’s actually a thing – and it’s trending on Instagram. Welcome to the #FrenchTuck – the art of tucking in everything from T-shirts to oversized knits in a particular way that has major styling benefits and you’re going to want to try it too, once you know how.

Have you noticed that some people happen to be able to nail the whole tucking their shirts into their jeans and skirts in the most effortless, Parisian way without looking like they’re trying at all and without their, erm, knickers getting into a total twist in the process?

Since Queer Eye aired on Netflix last year, apparently Google searches for Tan France’s chic way of tucking in every shirt began to surge. And with the brand new season three streaming on Netflix right now, it’s happening again. People are well and truly obsessed.

So, what actually is it? Well, according to Who What Wear, who spotted the trend, the French Tuck requires tucking in a shirt at just the front while the back and sides are left loose so you’re left with, quite simply, a stylish front drape. France uses the tuck as his signature style, making him look polished, taller and slimmer. No wonder it’s become a major hit.

The styling trick is adored by the fash set who regularly French tuck a big jumper into a floaty skirt or a silky blouse into a pair of skinny trousers. If you’re looking for some inspo, see some of these stylish French Tuckers showing us all how to work it.

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