Cheek Minis and can see why it sold out instantly in the US

The little sister to the brand’s iconic, and well-loved Lip Cheek sticks, these new mini Glow Oil Lip + Cheek from Milk Makeup sticks are perfect for getting that dewy flush on the fly.

For just £12 you can get one of their four shades; Halo which provides a bright pink shimmer, Astro which leaves a plum shimmer, Flare adds a coral sheer highlight, and Glimmer which swipes in a mauve tint.

Milk Glow Oil Lip + Cheek Minis, available on Cult Beauty

Its antioxidant-rich rice bran oil claims to provide the skin with a surge of hydration and vitamins for an instant, good-for-you-glow, not only is it good for your skin it’s also good to the planet – cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan, gluten-free and fragrance-free.


Chloe Laws, Social Media Editor.


My makeup mantra is ‘bolder the better’, as a big fan of vibrant pinks and corals, this product looks right up my ally. Plus, I’m a complete slave to cute packaging and Milk ALWAYS comes through. That being said, I usually steer clear from blush because my cheeks are naturally flushed, so I usually go for a champagne highlight and contour over cheek tint.


When these little sticks landed on my desk I turned into the real-life version of the heart-eye-emoji. I swatched the colours, Halo, Astro and Flare. I was instantly drawn to the Flare colour, with its candy-pop coral shade, and after swatching, it was still my favourite.

The plum comes off a lot sheerer than I was expecting, which is a relief because as a tint you want something super wearable, rather than a deep plum colour like the packaging would suggest. The Halo shade I feel would look AMAZE on darker skin tones, rather than mine as my skin has very pink undertones so it clashes – however, on black skin it would really pop as a cheek tint.

I applied the coral on my cheekbones and the plum to my lips, and I’ve got to say, this little coral baby might just become my new handbag staple. It literally is dewy flush on the fly; taking about 20 seconds to dot on and blend. These tints work one of two ways, either dab on lightly to add a sheer finish or you can build them into a bolder colour – I opted to leave my lips sheer, and build on my cheeks.

It feels refreshing, and moisturising, the perfect blend of skincare and makeup. My hangover looks nonexistent now, with my new found popsicle glow. All in all, I completely get why these sold out instantly in the USA.

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