This £3 hairbrush is going viral because it’s amazing at de-tangling hair

Brushing tangled, knotty hair was historically one of the most pain-inducing tasks but then the Tangle Teezer came along and totally changed the game.

With unique teeth that flex over tangles and knots with every single stroke, the ingenious hairbrush quickly detangles hair whilst simultaneously helping to reduce breakage (and stop our post-shower tears, of course).

Since discovering this nifty little guy, we haven’t let him out of our sight – or our haircare regime – since. However, a rival brush is pipping Tangle Teezer to the best-rated, receiving rave reviews online from impressed customers who say it’s the best thing that’s happened to their haircare regime.

The Head Jog Straw Brush went viral on a Facebook forum where women raved about how incredible the soft bristles are for gently brushing their hair without breakage and pain and after a spot of investigation, we can confirm the Amazon reviews back up the hype.

Let’s start with the science stuff: The brush itself is made from bio-material which is created from renewable biomass such as straw and rice husk combined with plastic and then polymerized.

The Straw Brush has flexible, soft pin bristles that apparently massage the scalp and have high resilience. They’re kinder to hair, meaning fewer breakages and making the straw excellent for detangling wet or dry hair.

Each brush has also been made with a loop design back and a double curve which gives it great flexibility, letting it mould to the contours of the scalp for a gentle and super comfortable experience.

The brush also gets major brownie points from us because its environmentally-friendly production process means that net CO2 emissions are zero for each brush.

Are you using the right brush for you hair? Don’t worry, we weren’t sure either, which is why we decided to create the ultimate guide to the best brushes for every hair type, including fine hair, frizzy hair and synthetic hair to keep your hairstyle healthy and help you to achieve the style you desire.

Whether you’re embracing your natural afro, trying to add some volume to your roots, or trying to care for your hair extensions, read our guide find the perfect brush for you, as well as our round brush.

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