We tried the new Neon Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes from Huda Beauty and were seriously impressed

Huda Beauty is all about the eyes with the range of false lashes a firm favourite among beauty buffs worldwide and every one of the brand’s eyeshadow palettes have thus far proved instant successes.

They redefined nude with the rose-tinted palette, and the gemstone-themed Obsessions palettes provide the perfect selection of punchy pigments and a variety of mesmerizing textures. Let’s hope the Neon Obsessions collection can carry on Huda’s winning streak.

THE REVIEWER. Lottie Winter, Beauty Editor


I’m a sucker for natural makeup and seldom wear eyeshadow (and if I do, it’ll be a classic brown smoky eye), so neon shades are a pretty big departure from my norm. However muted by makeup collection, I know good pigments when I swatch them, and expect big things from Huda given that they’ve set the bar so high for themselves.


The look of these palettes is exciting. The three different palettes come in an almost jelly-like, vibrant neon case in the corresponding colour to the shadows within. There’s a green palette, a pink palette and an orange palette, and each one contains nine matte and shimmery shadows.

The packaging is so bright, in fact, that when you open up the palette and see the shades within, they’re a bit of a disappointment. I mean, by comparison, they look positively dull.

But don’t let this fool you – these pigments are powerful and pretty and, surprisingly, very wearable. The Neon Orange Obsessions and Neon Pink Obsessions were the clear winners on the pigment payoff front with a mixture of bold mattes and gorgeous glitters.

The Neon Green Obsessions, in my opinion, wasn’t quite there. The pigments were weaker than expected and it took a fair few swatches for them to even show up on my skin. To be fair, the shades might just not be right for my skin tone – the pale yellow undertones of the shadows are too similar to my own pale yellow undertones. I can imagine them looking fantastic on a darker tones, where the pigments can offer more of a contrast.

All in all, these palettes are playful and a great way to experiment in what’s turning into this season’s hottest make up trend – all things neon!

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