Warning! The Burning Passion Between These High School Sweethearts Is Straight-Up Scorching

To top things off, Amber’s models, Spencer and Madison, are actually a real-life couple! They are high school sweethearts after meeting by chance at a New Year’s Eve party during their senior year. Their romance and chemistry is palpable in this photo shoot.

“I did not think he would want to strip his shirt off and take pictures with me, but as hesitant as he was, he did! And he loved it, he loves how they turned out and how different the experience was to him,” Madison said about the experience of working with her boyfriend.

“I absolutely had a blast just goofing off with the guy I love and acting like I’m photogenic for awhile.”

Photographer Amber Koelling has always loved capturing raw, passionate moments between couples. So she utilized her skills and orchestrated this breathtaking photo shoot at the Fugitive Beach in Rolla, MO. The location is absolutely gorgeous, and most of the photos were taken on a man-made rock quarry turned cove with beautiful sparkling water.

Spencer and Madison definitely brought the heat to this shoot to fulfill Amber’s vision. Spencer wore a white shirt and black pants and Madison wore a gorgeous gown that featured a shimmery bodysuit that was an absolute showstopper. “We risked the dress’s life by submerging it in water and having our model lay in the sand, but found it 100 percent worth it,” Amber said. We could not agree more, because these photos are absolutely stunning! Keep reading to check them out.

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