February 21, 2024

Intimate gymnastics will provide extra pleasure for a man and elastic buttocks for a woman

Everyone wants to be unique for the beloved man. To develop a sexual enchantment today offers a variety of courses, and each of them finds their fans. Many conversations on the forums are given to secret knowledge about the training of intimate muscles.

True, there are a lot of myths about these trainings, even more – prejudices. How useful gynecological gymnastics is and how effective it is in keeping a man, the correspondent of SE explained.

American gynecologist Arnold Kegel as early as the 40s of the last century proposed a set of special exercises for patients who, after giving birth, suffered incontinence during coughing, sneezing or laughing. The problem is delicate, but very common. In the process of treatment, the patients noted that the contraction of the muscles responsible for urination improves the sexual component of the quality of life: women began to experience stronger orgasms, and someone even learned about them for the first time.

Many modern diseases people pay for uprightness: getting up from four legs to two, a person received, among other “blessings”, poor blood circulation in the small pelvis. Women suffer doubly:

“With a sedentary lifestyle, especially if a woman has an unsatisfactory sex life, stagnant phenomena progress,” says Lyubov Treivish, a gynecologist at the Avicenna Medical Center.

Intimate gymnastics will provide extra pleasure for a man and elastic buttocks for a woman

Exercises Kegel today on the forums are promoted almost as a panacea for all women’s ailments. Gynecologists do not deny the benefit of exercise: “Such exercises really improve the blood supply of the pelvic floor muscles and abdominal wall, help in the prevention of genitalia, urination disorders, and this is a very serious problem for many, especially with age. After giving birth, the woman has a hyperextension of the muscles, ligaments of the uterus, and they need to be restored, “continues Lyubov Stepanovna, noting that in this respect gymnastics really improves the quality of life.

As Tatyana Kozhevnikova, the author of the patented training in intimate female gymnastics, says, some women do come to her after 35 years, worried about their gynecological health, young girls are usually out of curiosity, wanting to diversify their sex life. It is known that the fashion for such courses appeared in no small degree due to the opinion that a woman will fly to the highest heights in bed sensations and at the same time become a goddess of sex for her beloved. This tempting offer completes the ranks of intimate sportswomen.

Intimate gymnastics will provide extra pleasure for a man and elastic buttocks for a woman

However, according to experts, the ability to “hug” the secret muscles of the main detail of the male body does not directly affect the ability of a woman to get an orgasm and does not serve as a magic wand in improving the quality of sex. “This technique is known for more than a hundred years, and if everything was so simple, today there would not be frigid women,” says sexologist Igor Poperechny. – General training of intimate muscles, of course, is useful for women in general therapeutic terms.

But when a woman is engaged in her muscles during sex, she is distracted by this action, and there is a risk that she will not experience anything at all. It can turn out that she does this work exclusively for the man: he quickly comes to an end from the cuts, and she herself remains with nothing.
There is a kind of competition, when partners prove to each other their consistency in sex, and then the sense of closeness and unity that is most important in sex leaves. After all, sex is primarily a lesson for two. ”

Nevertheless, the desire to keep a man of his skills in the bed of relevance will never lose, and the only thing that stops the ladies from attending special courses is elementary embarrassment.

However, embarrassment is hardly appropriate: as Tatyana Kozhevnikova says, women are engaged in comfortable sports clothes. Just in trousers there is a small incision, and there are no superfluous revelations in the classes.

Training takes place with a special simulator, which is a small wooden ball. At first you can do without it.

Before classes it is recommended to visit a gynecologist: for intimate gymnastics there are contra-indications. This is primarily inflammatory diseases in the acute stage, tumor processes in any organs, postoperative period.

Intimate gymnastics, fitness club “Europe”: 2000 rubles for 8 sessions
Fitness club “Aqua Vivat”: 900 rubles for 4 lessons once a week

If you are interested, but for some reasons you can not go to the courses, experts recommend the following exercises for women’s health:

• The starting position is standing, the knees are slightly bent, the hands on the knees, the waist is bent. Retract the muscles of the vagina, then gently release. Do it until your muscles are tired.
• The starting position is the same or standing on all fours. Pull the crotch, connecting the buttocks: first, both, then alternate, straining one, then the other buttock and the corresponding wall of the vagina. This exercise, by the way, is necessary for elastic buttocks: the study of only the “external” muscles will never give you an elastic ass, which is why the words of an aerobics instructor or pilates “everything to pull yourself together” are not so formal.
• Regularly perform exercises for unloading the pelvic floor: “birch”, standing on the shoulder blades and stand in the knee-elbow position. And in the gym, gynecologists recommend avoiding standing-up loads. In addition, according to Lyubov Treivish, it is important for women’s health to combine intimate training with exercises on the press, which not only form a flat stomach, but also strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

The effect of exercise, according to reviews, is felt quite quickly – already at 4-5 class. As the instructors tell, the majority of women come to get a basic course, after that they train at home: to maintain the form, 10 minutes are enough three times a week. A delicate moment: if you started to practice intimate gymnastics, you should not stop training: “The effect is noticed by a woman quickly enough, but as soon as she quits classes, the muscles lose shape sharply, this is their peculiarity,” Tatiana shares her opinion.

However, if you think about it, 10 minutes for gymnastics, which can also be done unnoticed by everyone, is not so much. In addition, remember that you are doing this primarily for yourself: a good mistress is first and foremost a healthy woman with a bright sexual temperament, confident in herself and in her partner. A bright orgasm will come to you, when you understand how to relax and have fun. Pleasant discoveries!

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