Interview with the unemployed

The position in which we study, judge and choose (or do not choose) is not the most comfortable. But sometimes it is necessary to play this game to everyone – get a job, bypassing the interview, in our time is unlikely to work. 

The correspondent of SE asked representatives of recruitment agencies about the most common (and most fatal) mistakes in the interviews, as well as about what advice to listen to is not worth it.

At work reluctantly take fatal women, silent partisans and amateurs to come half an hour ahead of schedule

However, one of the proven old advice is not to be doubted – the first impression of your appearance really means a lot, and to fix it afterwards is not easy.

“Stay calm, confident and with dignity, friendly and benevolent,” says Ekaterina Nizovskaya, manager of the personnel evaluation department at AVANTA Personnel. “But do not try to please at all costs, do not flirt with the employer, try to impress like a woman, if your interviewer is a man.”

To what follows the first contact and the first impression, it is better to prepare. In advance, make a general impression of the company (this will help at all stages, from preparing a resume and choosing clothes for an interview). Think in advance about the questions that you are going to ask the interviewer and the answers to possible questions that will arise after the resume is read.

Resident Error

The most popular (and unpleasant for the consequences) mistakes in interviews, according to Catherine Nizovskaya, occur when the candidate …

• is late and does not warn about it, does not say hello, does not say goodbye, does not remember the names of people with whom interviews are assigned, in the middle of the interview can apply to the “girl” interviewed earlier;
• Inattentively listening to questions, being distracted during an interview for calls on the mobile;
• behaves too familiarly;
• does not ask questions;
• behaves very closed, responds monosyllabically or asks: “Why do you need to know?”. In many cases, employers are ready to forgive some shortcomings, but few will agree to hire an “opaque” candidate.

Too business lady

As for clothes, everyone has known for a long time that it should be neat, to the extent of official and not irritate the interlocutor. “Avoid sports style, ruffling, short skirts, deep cutouts, bright colors and make-up, trendy youth styles,” recommends Ekaterina Nizovskaya. – Classic skirts or trousers, restrained top – blouse, smooth jersey or jacket. ” But do not overdo it with elegance. Remember how the hero of the series “Doctor House” shamelessly rejected the perfect candidate for a doctor’s place, having decided that an intelligent woman would never torture himself with high heels?

“If you have to work in the fields, constant traveling (sales representative, merchandiser), you can choose casual, excessive refinement and refinement of your outfit can scare the employer”, – explains Ekaterina Nizovskaya.

“But why does not anyone take you to marry?”

However, sometimes the employer frightens applicants to trembling in his knees – lately there are more and more often horror stories about stressful interviews. Such interviews are conducted by large companies (usually the same ones that use the lie detector) when accepting employees who will have to be exposed to stressful situations, for example, when dealing with conflict situations with clients. Anyone who conducts a stressful interview can start to ignore the interlocutor or vice versa, shout at him, ask provocative or intimate questions.

From the applicant is waiting in return for the preservation of the “business” person and a calm reaction. “The most important thing in getting into a stressful interview situation is to be yourself, remember that the applicant does not owe anything to anyone,” commented Irada Emelyanova, head of the ANKOR express recruitment department in Novosibirsk. – It is necessary to state clearly and confidently that such an attitude is unacceptable with adequate negotiations.

In no case can not break at the same time to cry or express their discontent. Most often after a dignified reaction to a stressful interview, the consultant calls back to the competitor. “

Igor Eiswald, director of the agency Modern Staff, gives more informal advice: remember that the interview is essentially a presentation of the corporate culture of the company. If such experiments on employees seem disgusting to you, it’s better to leave immediately – the world did not come together with a wedge on corporations.

Harmful tips

Books and articles with advice on the successful origin of the interview were read by both you and your competitors and those who conduct the interview.

But some of the popular councils can do a disservice.

• “One tip is remembered – to get yourself a price,” comments Ekaterina Nizovskaya. – You feel yourself the object of manipulation, when a person juggles with the offers he has from other companies in an interview, and what do you propose to me? ” Hide existing proposals, if they are asked directly, do not need, but do not embellish their relevance.
• “You should not come 15 minutes before the talks, although such advice can often be found in various literature,” Irada Yemelyanova warns. “A specialist can take note of himself that the applicant can not calculate his time, which in the future will negatively affect his activities.”
• Human resources specialists really pay attention to gestures and the manner to keep themselves. But one should not abuse the well-known rituals, expending energy and attention to demonstrative movements. It seems like moving the chair (only to make it clear that you do not hesitate to take a comfortable position) or a maniacal desire to write down a notebook (just because employers seem to like full-time employees).

From the standard recommendations for self-presentation in the interview, an image of a business shark emerges, with each wave of the fin signaling Napoleonic career plans. In fact, some employers are looking for a modest and neat performer, and some still need scattered geniuses.

If in an interview you have to collect all your acting skills and demonstrate the wonders of reincarnation (and Steven Spielberg, meanwhile, does not conduct it), then, most likely, you are not deceiving the employer yourself, but yourself. 

So you can scare off your potential ideal boss and get a job, where you have to force yourself every minute from call to call.

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