Interview with the director of the driving school “Schumacher” about the peculiarities of women’s behavior on the roads

Jokes aside to a fair sex at the wheel release all to whom not laziness, and especially men. The next incident was the creation of Krasnoyarsk inspectors – they developed SDA for women and made the cover of a special book in pink tones. 

The true ladies remind that the rear view mirror exists not only to show off before them, and it is recommended to always stop at the sign “Give way”, even if you have to give in to the man.

On the specifics of female behavior on the road, SHE correspondent talked with the director of the driving school “Schumacher” Svetlana Lyskova.

Reference : Svetlana Lyskova was born on August 25, 1975 in Novosibirsk. She graduated from a technical college. He has been heading the Schumacher Automobile School since 2003. Over the course of the existence of the school, more than 1,000 candidates for drivers have already been granted rights.

Statistics say that the number of road accidents caused by women increased. What is the reason for this? 

Now in the driving schools there is a large flow of women, respectively, and the number of accidents with their participation increases. Unfortunately, they are caught even in a state of intoxication, not to mention traveling to the red light and on the opposite lane.

Have you ever thought about releasing a special training manual for Novosibirsk female drivers? What is the difference between women and men in the learning phase?

Such a book can be considered as a comic book: they will be bought to laugh. It seems to me that this is a stereotype that a woman, especially a blonde, is somewhat different on the road from men. If we divide the men according to the color of the hair, we get exactly the same statistics. It happens that even a strong sex turns out to be impassable in training, and it is easier for women to give not only theory, but also practice. It all depends on the specific set of students. In general, we do not keep statistics on how much men are better than women or vice versa. But at this stage, the fine sex is more educated: the girls have more aspirations, and the men are lazy. Therefore, women understand that the future depends on them – obtaining rights, education in general, professional growth. And they are more responsive to learning, attending driving, trying to learn the necessary skills faster,

Some experts came to the conclusion that in order for a woman to learn to drive, she needed 40 percent more time than a man. Do you agree with this statement? 

It depends on the person, not on his gender. Some men and 60 hours of driving are not enough. We had a case when a young man got up on the road such incidents, that the hair stood on end. As a result, he gave up his studies. It seems to me that it is necessary to put the issue in another way: how many hard-to-learn people in our country – there are both stupid men and stupid women.

Does your school have female instructors? 

No, but that’s not because they can not train – it’s just physically more difficult for women to spend the entire day in a car. But all our teachers of the traffic rules are women.

Men usually easily identify in the flow of cars those where a woman is sitting behind the wheel. How do they do it? 

Most likely, this is a coincidence: either they see, or are cunning, that they have guessed. Often on the car you can see the identification marks, for example, soft toys. I myself at the wheel for 14 years and I can say with confidence that sometimes men are ugly driving a car. A man will never miss if you leave the secondary road from the yard. He will gas, do something to spite. Also on pedestrian crossings: a woman, unlike a man, will always miss.

That is, women drive more accurately? 

In some situations, a man is the best driver – thanks to strength and endurance, in others – a woman. The beautiful floor is more attentive and circumspect on the road.

They say that women have less developed spatial imagination, they are more difficult to give parking …

Such a problem is urgent at the first stage of driving, and it also has for beginner male drivers. Simply, women do not hesitate to admit their mistakes. They behave like in an anecdote: “I’m a blonde, I do not know how to park.” A man never confesses to his friends that he does not succeed. He will park for an hour, do it as if it were horrible, but he will say that he planned it.

What are the most common female mistakes behind the wheel, often violated rules?

The same as for men: speeding, red light and parking in the wrong place. The latter is only due to the fact that we do not have special places for parking. It is worth noting that after the introduction of new fines, people began to travel more cautiously.

Information : Accident statistics on the territory of the Novosibirsk region with the participation of female drivers (data of the UGIBDD of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the NSO): in 2006, female drivers got into 335 road accidents, in 188 of them (56.1%) they were guilty; in 2007, respectively, 374 and 199 (53.2%), and for the first three months of 2008, women were driving 33 accidents out of 61, in which they were. This is 54.1%. 

Code of rules, developed by Krasnoyarsk car inspectors. The true lady :
1. Never violate the rules of the road rules established by the Government of the Russian Federation, as it always honors and respects the letter of the Law.
2. It uses a rear-view mirror solely to monitor the situation on the road, and not to monitor its appearance.
3. Never arrange a race on the road with a man at the wheel.
4. Always stop at the sign “Give way”, even if you have to give in to the man.
5. Never talk behind the wheel on a cell phone without a special technical device, even if she really wants to know about the last sale or discounts in the cabin.
6. Always monitors the serviceability of your car, because for her it is just as important as watching your appearance.
7. Being at the wheel of his car, he never flirts with men, he does not distract himself by evaluating the appearance of passers-by, since he considers such behavior a sign of bad taste.
8. Park your car not where it is convenient, but so that it does not interfere with other vehicles while driving.
9. Documents for a car from a true lady are always in perfect order and stored in a certain place.
10. When driving on a road with several lanes, the true lady always sticks to her lane, and in case of maneuvering she communicates with other drivers solely by means of turn signals.

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