Interview with a cosmetologist about sunburn, inflammation and fruit masks

Summer is a small life for the skin of the face, on which the years, unfortunately, are left not the best trace. Let this small, but life should be lived so that in autumn it does not become painfully painful for overdried, for new wrinkles, for acne, for pigmented spots. 

Sunburn is a serious stress for the skin; sweat, heat, wind, dust, the increased work of the sebaceous glands is also not a holiday. How to take care of themselves in hot weather and how to avoid specific problems, Ekaterina Lebedko, a beautician of the center of beauty and health “Sante Aesthetik”, said.

What should you especially pay attention to during skin care in the summer?

In the summer – we are talking about the heat, and not about the summer that was in June – the most important – moisturizing and protection from the sun. Of course, purification is also necessary, but food can be postponed to the cold season. That is, with normal, combination or oily skin, both day and night remedies can only be moisturizing. But in the case when the age changes are obvious or the skin is very lethargic or dry, we leave the food, carry it for the night, and in the day – moisturize and protect.

How to use protective equipment in urban conditions?

Now all benign brands – and mass-market, and luxury, and professional cosmetics – in the daytime funds necessarily introduce chemical protection from ultraviolet – SPF factor, the amount of which should depend on the skin type: the lighter and more prone to burns the skin, the higher be a factor. In addition, many creams for a day (formerly screening properties were only for special sunscreens) began to use physical protection – red clay, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, other substances that form a filter, a barrier on the skin. Unlike chemical protection, which operates for a limited time and two hours after the skin needs to be washed and applied again, the physical protection works until evening. It is more comfortable.

There is an illusion that tanned skin is protected from the sun. In the Negroid race this is so, they have all the layers of the cell painted. At us the sunburn is a protective reaction, division of pigmentary cages, but not protection in itself as the nucleus of a cell remains opened and accepts an ultraviolet. 

So if a girl with a light skin had time to get tanned, this does not mean that she can safely lie under the sun without the means with SPF. And the factor should be as high as before sunburn; and does not mean that it can use oils to enhance tanning – they in most cases only do harm. Sunburn without protection – provocation of cancer diseases.

It turns out that the day cream, despite the heat, is mandatory?

Summer is not a reason to refuse to take care of yourself. It should become a habit, the same as brushing your teeth. But if there is discomfort due to the fact that the skin sweats, it becomes greasy, then you can simply change the consistency, use not a cream, but choose a lighter, fluid, emulsion. But, in general, a day time remedy, especially with the SPF factor, should after the application by rules of patting movements, create a film on the skin, a stickiness sensation. You need to get used to this. As for evening care, at night, too, it is hot and stuffy, the sebaceous glands work hard, the skin sweats, so that the fatty dense textures can be changed to the lungs. And do not forget that the most important thing in the evening is how to cleanse the skin.

If you refuse make-up in the summer, is it enough to wash just with water?

No, not enough. If in the morning, when there is no need and the skin is not fat, refreshing with water and toning is enough to cleanse, then in the evening, after the skin sweated during the day, the sebaceous glands actively worked, dirt and dust settled on the skin, which dissolve the lipid layer, means to provoke inflammation if the skin is inclined to them. But even if there are no special problems with the skin, the unpeeled person will “struggle” with the pathogenic flora remaining on it all night and can not “rest”.

By the way, about inflammation – with the advent of heat, acne eruptions often intensify, whether sunburn saves from them?

Indeed, sweat, sebum, dust, wind can lead to blockage of the sebaceous duct and inflammation. Method one – to cleanse the skin well and regularly, to empty the clogged pores, so that the fat produced can find an outlet to the surface. And make sure that the skin is always protected from the sun.

There is an opinion that the sun dries pimples. But in fact, solar activity provokes inflammation: sunburn is the reaction of the skin to stress, to a burn. Begin to divide the pigment cells, the skin becomes denser. Against this background, it may appear that the pimples have disappeared, although in fact they just camouflaged. 

Since the tightened densified skin does not allow the sebaceous secret to come out, it accumulates in the pores. As a result, after the beach season, in the autumn, the rashes come back in greater volume.

In summer, the skin is particularly glossy, is it not harmful to powder it during the day? 

Now most of the powders, even mass-markets, of quite decent quality, they are not comedogenic. So during the day for personal comfort it is quite acceptable to powder the spout. Or use matting napkins. The main thing – do not forget to clean the skin in the evening.

And the last question is cosmetics from the garden. Will the strawberries and cucumbers have any effect or can they even hurt?

Harm such masks do not bring, but also benefits. The maximum is a superficial short-term refreshment effect. Still, for a serious cosmetic effect is better to use special means. And the fact that the fruits have vitamins, the skin does not matter – for example, it also needs protein, but we do not use raw meat. But if you enjoy the strawberry – please, good emotions – one of the best ways to preserve youth!

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