Interesting maps that tell us a lot about our country, Photos

Highest-paid public employees

According to a study conducted by ESPN, a college football or basketball coach is probably the highest paid public employee in your state. In 2017, with a salary of $11.1 million, the list was topped by Nick Saban who is the football coach at the University of Alabama.

Popular boy names

William and Noah are the most popular boy names right now.

Popular girl names

Emma and Olivia are currently the most popular girl names in America.

The most and the least remembered states

Sporcle conducted a study to find out the least remembered states in the US. Here are the findings.

River basins of the US in color

There are 18 major river basins in the 48 states of the contiguous US, but, as evident from the map, a massive catchment area for the Mississippi River, including the Upper and Lower Mississippi River Basins, dominates.

Forest cover map of the US

Green represents the dense forest that covers a majority of the east coast.

UFO sightings in the US

The darker the green, the more the number of sightings per capita. Circle radius represents sightings per population.

US Highways and Interstate Map

Population density heatmap

Looks like the Midwest has plenty of room for expansion.

The size of the moon compared to the US

Generic term for a sweetened, carbonated beverage

What do you call soda?

Half of the US population lives in just 9 states

Do you fall into this category?

How do Americans address a group of 2 or more people?

I personally went from “You guys…” while living in CA to “Y’all” now living in TX.

How Americans address their friends

Guilty, I call everyone “dude.”

Map showing the most popular brand from each state

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