Instagram’s original influencer reveals, the golden rules, for making a career

She’s the original influencer whose style blog has attracted a cult Instagram following of 90K, and now, Amber Venz Box is shaking up the retail industry.

Her two hugely successful businesses, RewardStyle and LikeToKnowIt – monetization platforms that link influencers with high tier fashion, beauty and lifestyle retailers – have led to a 30x increase in sales being made via social media.


You must establish how frequently you are going to publish and to what platforms. We need to see consistency.


Think about what categories are organic to you and your lifestyle and what you have a lot to talk about. That helps you to define your niche and attract people that are interested in what you do.

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Think about the people you follow and engage with. Your growth is very reciprocal, you can’t publish and then walk away. The platform actually penalises you for that so think about your followers and people that you follow – who is your cult friend group? Where do you eat? Where do you go? Where do you vacation? That way you will attract like-minded people.

The criteria we are looking for on LikeToKnowIt is your ability to attract an audience – how long has the person been publishing? It needs to show that this is not something you started last week. We need to see that people actually engage with your content.

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You want your imagery to be very attainable so you don’t need to go hire a professional photographer to follow you around but you do need to have an image that looks a little bit more elevated than what Aunt Sue’s taking. I would suggest going on YouTube and watching some videos on how to take great photos. Even just three videos and you’ll pick up enough tips to carry you over the next few months.

A lot of influencers spend time going on vacation to create beautiful content but some of the best images are going to be your casual hopping stance type photo that really gives an insight into your life. Perfect imagery is super beautiful but that’s a very competitive space and it also seems less relatable. While you want a polished look, you need to still be accessible. You definitely don’t need to go to the best beach, it can just be out on your front side walk – just clean up the background of the photo and make it look a little nicer.

The goal is to make your imagery sustainable too. Establish some sort of visual consistency. You can do that with editing apps. Facetune is great for everything from actual faces to interior design. It helps you just clean up pictures and make it less messy. For example, if you’re outside but there’s a million cigarette butts on the ground, you can edit those out to clean up your photos. You might not even use it for your face. Colour story is great for adjusting lighting and SKRWT helps you straighten out an image when it is lop sided. You don’t need a big camera. Everything you can do is from your phone.


Ensure you are talking about things that are monetisable. Some influencers just don’t talk about things that are easily sold.

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Louise Roe: Her career journey is very unique in that she was a journalist before and has now used her influencer business to really grow and expand on her reach and her earning opportunities. Her husband Mackenzie actually works with her and they’re kind of a husband and wife team.

Victoria Magrath (InTheFrow): She’s someone who takes her work very seriously and is very business driven but continuously creates really beautiful imagery. She’s very consistent. Victoria has a very international audience so she’s attracting from around the world and she’s done a great job transcending her vision and becoming an international, sought after influencer.

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