Inspiring son used first paycheck to replace his mom’s 13-year-old bed

Parents sacrifice the world for their children but how often do they return the favor? A 19-year-old college student wanted to help out his mother for her birthday by getting her a new bed.

For over a decade his mother slept on the couch, letting him sleep on their €100 (~$122 USD) mattress. After heading off to college the son got his first job removing wallpaper in a house for €2 (~$2.45 USD) an hour.

The previous owners stacked layers of wallpaper and the entire removal process took him 40 days. With his first check, the son decided to replace that ratty 13-year-old mattress.

“THE NEW BED! Before I end this post: There are two people who I want to thank. Someone of this beautiful community named @flutterbyasaurus and her husband bought a set of Bedsheets in my moms favorite color as an additional birthday present. Gestures like these are reasons why I have faith in humanity. The fact that so many people said so many nice things really warmed my heart but these two are the actual highlight of this birthday. Sadly my neighbors got the package while I wasn’t home, so I cant deliver a picture with the sheets, however, I will bring the gift over on Friday and do a small follow-up in the comments hopefully. You guys are truly amazing. Now all I have to do is wait till she returns from work”

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