Insane myths people believed about redheads throughout history (7 photos)

Redheads have anger issues

Since the color red is often associated with danger, fire, or passion, many societies have historically and automatically labeled redheads as hot tempered. A Russian proverb states “There was never a saint with red hair.” Satan is often depicted as a redhead. The French had a proverb, “Redheaded women are either violent or false, and usually are both.” Even today, we still often describe redheaded women as being “fiery redheads” regardless of how laid back she may be.

Redheads are nymphomaniacs

This is another stereotype still heard today that ties into red being the color of passion. At one point, red hair was a symbol of infidelity and general horniness. Mary Magdalene, known for convincing all kinds of people to follow Jesus by giving them a little… incentive, is usually depicted as having red hair. And in Michelangelo’s famous painting Temptation, Eve is seen being booted form The Garden of Eden with her red locks flapping in the wind.

Redheads are an endangered species

This rumor is the most modern, and stems from two brilliant marketing hoaxes. A study from the now defunct Oxford Hair Foundation went viral in 2007, claiming the recessive gene for red hair is on track to being eradicated from the earth by 2060. The story was soon proven false when it was revealed the Oxford Hair Foundation was funded by Proctor & Gamble, a titan in the industry of beauty products, including red hair dye. The second hoax was a viral story claiming global warming would eliminate redheads. Supposedly, their fair skin would not be able to withstand the increasing power of the sun. That story belonged to a company that traces ancestries online.

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