Ingenious kid used an experiment to discover the truth about the tooth fairy

For me, there was no big reveal when it came to the truth about childhood tales like Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. I figured it out over time and my parents slowly stopped performing the charade.

Fahd Ahmad’s 9-year-old son was doubtful but before telling his parents he knew the whole thing was a ploy, he ran an experiment.

“He’s an inquisitive kid, thinking his own thoughts,” Ahmad said in an interview with Mashable. “He’s got sort of a scientific mindset naturally.” The 9-year-old lost a tooth and didn’t tell his parents. Already skeptical, he placed the tooth under his pillow and waited for the tooth fairy to bring his cold hard cash. Three days went by before he finally told his parents about the tooth. That night Ahmad replaced his son’s tooth with a few dollars.

The next day, Ahmad asked his son if the tooth fairy made a visit. He said yes but didn’t mention this experiment. Two weeks later the crafty kid divulged his experiment to his mother.

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