The Secret Life of Pets 2 Is Coming in December!

Year after year, we find ourselves praising the Netflix gods for bringing us endless entertainment options for the whole family, but mainly for our kids. Because there’s nothing better than a family movie night (OK, there are a few things that are better, but movie nights on the couch are pretty great), we are so here for Netflix’s lineup for kids.

And 2019 kicked off with a bang – The Incredibles 2 (which is ripe with parenting jokes) is now streaming!

Check out which other movies are coming in 2019 and which Disney movies are streaming on Netflix right now (that is, until they all leave the service for Disney+, which launched on Nov. 12).

57 Unique Stocking Stuffers They’ll Never See Coming but 100% Need

Want to make sure your loved ones have the best stocking ever this year? Instead of dishing out cash for tons of tiny items, get them just one or two more expensive pieces they’ll obsess over. To make sure you stay on budget, we uncovered the 50 best choices on the internet for less than $50.

From fun tech gadgets to cozy slippers and cute scrunchies, be careful shopping, because you’re bound to fall in love with a few for yourself. Keep scrolling to shop our picks.

Counting Down to Christmas Is Cuter Than Ever With This Enamel Pin Advent Calendar

Regular Advent calendars are cute, wine Advent calendars are a necessity, and now, enamel pin Advent calendars are here to dominate our Christmas lists! The cute, innovative “calendar” puts a new spin on the classic Christmas countdown with adorable enamel pins for each day of December instead of just a quote or piece of candy. The calendar is actually a bright pink box with 24 little compartments labeled for each day leading up to Christmas, and inside each drawer is a colorful enamel lapel pin.

This Enamel Pin Advent Calendar ($42) comes from the MoMA Design Store. Since it’s affiliated with the Museum of Modern Art, there’s a special discount in place for members: MoMA members can purchase the set for only $38! And the pins inside come in a variety of styles and colors, from Winter-themed pins like a snowman and a Santa face to less-seasonal offerings such as a cactus and a butterfly. Because of this, it’s not just a perfect product for the holiday season – you can reap the fashion benefits all year round.

The Best Books and Journals to Help Ease Your Anxiety in 2020

The new year is filled with possibility, but if you suffer from anxiety, a fresh start can also lead you down the path of dwelling on the past. Trust me: I’ve spent way too much time worrying about what I could have done differently. If you want to curb that habit in 2020, these books and self-help journals may be just what you need to regain a sense of peace about your life and hope for your future.

Whether you’ve been battling anxiety for a while now, or your anxiety is new and you need some reassurance that you’re not alone, these titles can help. Just remember, if you’re struggling to cope on your own, you should talk to someone, too.

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