July 20, 2024

Indigo Children: Mystical Diagnosis

“New” children appear as a result of an overabundance of information and stress during mother’s pregnancyOver the past few years, teachers, educators and parents have massively begun to say that children have become different.

And despite the fact that conflicts between generations existed at all times, today they have acquired a character from which grown-ups are lost in confusion.

If your child is willful and does not recognize authorities, communicates with you on an equal footing, very smart, restless and extremely sensitive to lies, it is likely that he belongs to the category of these same “other” children – indigo children.

The boom about this phenomenon in Russia began with the appearance of the book of American psychologists Lee Carroll and Jen Touber “Indigo Children”. Based on their experience working with such children, they described in all details their features and differences from earlier children on the planet. And before that, back in 1982, the American clairvoyant and psychologist Nancy Ann Tapp drew attention to this phenomenon.

Indigo Children: Mystical Diagnosis

She saw that all the “problem” children had aura of an absolutely uncharacteristic color for people – the color of indigo, whereas before in the aura the green and red colors prevailed. This discovery became the basis for the hypothesis of the appearance of children of a new type and explained the ever-increasing number of complaints about the extremely unorthodox, antisocial behavior of children that does not respond to upbringing.

Myth or reality?

Since this phenomenon was discovered and started to be explored in esoteric circles, it has a certain connotation of mysticism and this generates a huge wave of skepticism. Scientists studying the human bio field, argue that, firstly, these children were always, but in a smaller amount. In the example lead Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Lomonosov and other outstanding geniuses of the past. Secondly, they believe that such children are now born about 90% and that this is based on a serious plan for the transition of our civilization in a new period.

Lilia Pazder, bioenergetic therapist, head of the Indigo Children’s Club “Children of the Sun” believes that their mission is to show society that it is constrained by systems that no longer support the growth and development of mankind. And they do it, each in its own way demonstrating how destructive these systems have become, including education and health care. Her daughter, clairvoyant Asya, says that she wants to become a doctor not to treat people, but to teach them not to get sick. It is difficult not to agree that our society needs to change many of its systems. It is also obvious that this requires a powerful energy – just the kind that new children have.

Such children have already been recognized in some countries: in Israel, indigo issues are directly supervised by the government, in France young people with IQ above 160 can go to any university of the world at public expense, and in Germany there are special courses for parents: “Indigo child is your counselor “.

Psychologists refer to the phenomenon of indigo less exalted. “When observing the so-called indigo children, it is found that all of them are diagnosed with a” perinatal lesion of the central nervous system “, which is caused by the pregnancy in a stress environment surrounded by an overabundance of information.

This can be considered a deviation from the norm, or it can be a special development. Despite such a diagnosis, they retain all the functions, “says Lyudmila Yurganova, a psychologist-consultant on the family problems of the Insight clinic.

“Blue” children

What is the difference between new children and how to recognize if your child belongs to this unique category?

Indigo Children: Mystical Diagnosis

The main characteristics of indigo children:

• With the onset of artificial feeding, hyperactivity, hyperexcitability begin to manifest.
• Development occurs spasmodically: the child can remain silent for a long time, and then start to talk a lot. Such children, as a rule, do not crawl, but immediately stand on their feet.
• At the age of about 3. 5 years, they begin to show signs of a lack of sensitivity – lack of capacity for empathy. They do not feel the emotions of others. They are more likely to react aggression to unpleasant situations than, for example, just to cry. After 22 years it passes, and such people begin to show hitherto unknown feeling of gratitude, empathy.
• They have a well developed intellect. They quickly perceive ready information, quickly think and are well trained, but it is difficult for them to build a logical sequence for them.
• Very open to the world, constantly studying it, learning it. Less digest prohibitions.
• They are self-sufficient and ask to reckon with them, respect their opinion, uphold the right to remain themselves, protest against the widespread parental position about the unreasonableness and inexperience of children.

When such a list is seen or listened to by physicians, some of them assign to children not the mysterious status of “indigo”, but refer them to a group of children with ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). “In fact, children with ADD and ADHD are fundamentally different from other children. It is difficult for them to concentrate on something, even if it is interesting, they are superficial, with a changeable mood, they find it difficult to control themselves. While “new” children are inquisitive, they can be interested, and if they are bored, they openly declare it, “says Elmira Ragimova, a psychotherapist at the” Catharsis “medical center.

How to help in the development of such a child?

Lyudmila Yurganova recommends teaching these children to respect the boundaries of other people and respect them, since they are not guided in this. They find it difficult to imagine what another person feels, they need to say it. And Lilia Pazder adds to this the universal rule of communication with any child: let him talk and live according to how he sees this world.

The attitude to the phenomenon of indigo is exclusively a question of faith. Perhaps the aura of indigo children is really different, and they have a mission on earth. But in the context of an individual family, this concept allows us to accept our child as a unique personality, to accept in him something that does not fit into the notion of the norm.

For any parents, their own child is the most loved and loved, regardless of the color of his aura. And perhaps, it is not so important, as in reality the situation with the presence of “new” children. Much more significant is the fact that talking about this, publications, research brings in our lives a much higher standard of communication with their own carapace. These standards urge us to learn from children: to be here and now, sincerely enjoy life, listen to your heart, love yourself and the whole world.

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