June 17, 2024

In the summer your skin will be saved by thermal water, tonic and hydrodermic

Care for the skin of the face needs round the clock and year-round. But how day care differs from night treatment, and winter procedures are not like summer ones.

Short, but hot Siberian summer on the agenda are three important items: cleansing, moisturizing and protection.

The cosmetological features of this period were recognized by the correspondent of SE.


skin cleansing is perhaps the most important procedure in summer. This is especially true for owners of fatty and combination skin types – problems associated with excessive sebum secretion, are especially acute in the summer. In the heat, secretion of the sebaceous glands increases several times, and in combination with sweat and dust it leads to clogging of the pores, which in turn leads to inflammation, the formation of acne and comedones. And even dry skin can suffer in the summer from a dusty wind.

The desire to constantly wash in the heat is understandable, but not entirely correct. If you often dry your skin with water (also hot) with foam or – which is simply unacceptable – with soap, the sebaceous glands will begin to work in a strengthened mode.

And this condition can become chronic, and in the autumn the face will continue to shine and shine with couperous vascular “asterisks”. If you still prefer to wash, then it is desirable to do this with cool water. But it is even better to listen to the advice of a specialist:

“In addition to mandatory make-up in the morning and in the evening by the usual means, during the hot time it is very important to cleanse the skin during the day,” says Elena Filimonova, a cosmetologist at Sun City tanning studio. – It is best to use a tonic for these purposes. It refreshes, tones up, improves microcirculation, neutralizes the drying effect of water and, most importantly, moisturizes. ”

“One should not forget that professional cleansing is especially important in the summer,” adds Ekaterina Lebedko, beautician of Sante Esthetique beauty and health center. – You need to do them at least once a month, and if there is evidence, for example, very oily skin, – every two weeks and in a particularly hot time – once a week. Do not worry about the fact that the skin after cleansing will be inflamed. On the contrary, the use of antiseptic devices will save it from trouble. In general, modern cleansing procedures do not rape the skin, they soothe, maintain fading reserves, normalize hyper- or hypo-work of glands. ”

Moisturize and protect

In hot weather it is very reasonable to wear balloons with thermal water in a handbag and to refresh your face with this spray every hour without removing makeup. You can help your skin if you drink clean water without gas at 2-2. 5 liters per day, there is a juicy fruit. But the main thing – moisturizing creams.

“Moisturizers with a light texture in hot weather should be used in the morning and evening after cleansing,” advises Elena Filimonova. “They help keep the hydro-lipid film, which prevents evaporation of moisture from the surface of the skin, and create an optimal moisture balance. ”

In moisturizing creams and gels that are used in the summer, a special protection factor against ultraviolet rays and air pollution is simply necessary. After all, under the influence of bright sun and hard UV radiation, the skin becomes dehydrated, and ultraviolet rays also activate the process of production of free radicals, which are known to be one of the reasons for premature aging. Creams will help, if, of course, know how to apply them correctly. “A common misconception is by applying a cream in the morning, we believe that it continues to function throughout the day. This is not true! – warns Ekaterina Lebedko. ”

On average, the protective effect of moisturizing cream goes through 1,5-2 hours, so even if we are not on the beach, but in the city, in the shade, every two hours the old layer of the cream should be washed off and applied fresh. ”

By the way, creams with a protective factor, although they reflect the sun’s rays, do not interfere with sunburn.

In the salon and at the cottage

Also the summer troubles associated with drying the skin can be eliminated with intensive moisturizing courses offered in beauty salons. “The hydrodermy is called the queen of procedures,” says Elena Filimonova. “This is a broad-spectrum hardware procedure, with which dry, dehydrated skin is moistened in summer, and the secretion is regulated in oily skin. ” In beauty salons, you can buy a series of professional cosmoceutics for deep moisturizing.

Do not forget the summer and lifting, you can do and mesotherapy, and contour plastic, and the introduction of Botox and Disport, but peeling and photo exposure to the skin will have to postpone until the fall – these procedures increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight (the so-called photosensitizing effect), and hyperpigmentation may occur.

Procedures for skin nutrition, experts advise to postpone the colder seasons. Although for a very dry skin, a nourishing cream for the night is still necessary.

And what about the desire to smear strawberries, watermelon crust, or be surrounded by circles of cucumbers? “As for masks from garden plants, why not? – says Elena Filimonova. “But these procedures bring a psychological rather than a cosmetic effect. ”In addition, it is important to remember that many vegetables and berries, for example, strawberries, raspberries are strong allergens, and the skin reaction to them can be the most unpredictable. And with a rash on the face of a trip to the beach is strictly prohibited.

Summer is a beautiful time, but let’s not selfishly enjoy it, forgetting everything in the world. Let our skin also rejoice.

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