June 21, 2024

In the summer heat, you need to moisturize your skin and protect it from the sun

Very many novels begin in the summer. Because the facial expression in the summer is relaxed and joyful – such that it is impossible not to approach and not to get acquainted.

It’s a pity that, except for joy, the sun, air and water cause trouble – the skin dries, pimples appear and you have to hide your face embarrassed. She learned about how to take care of the skin in the summer.

Perhaps, the most important moment, which should be remembered in the summer, is a photo-protection, that is, protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Than it is dangerous? “The greatest stress for the skin in the summer is ultraviolet irradiation of the solar spectrum,” Irina Sergeeva, dermatovenerologist, family medicine center Zdravitsa, warns.

Hiding from the sun

Ultraviolet rays penetrate the deep layers of the skin and cause damage that manifests immediately as a sunburn, and later in the form of an allergic reaction to the sun, acne Mallorca (blackheads developing after sunburn). In addition, damage caused by ultraviolet, accumulate during life and lead to the development of premature skin aging – photoaging. ”

What to do? “Depending on the phototype in hot, sunny weather, you need to choose drugs with a protective factor of at least 30, and for light skin – 50-60,” says Marina Sakhnyuk, dermatologist, cosmetologist, Beauty Medical Technologies clinic. “Usually, the protection that is available in day or tonal creams, even if marked with” SPF “, is not enough, so if you have a long stay in the sun, you can not do without additional sunscreens. ”

In the summer heat, you need to moisturize your skin and protect it from the sun

We smear, clean, smear again

Do not forget about purification. It is required for both oily and dry skin – dust and secreted sweat do not spare anyone.

“High air temperature leads to a change in the properties of sebum, which becomes more fluid, resulting in a favorable environment for the reproduction of fungi and bacteria on the surface of the skin,” says the dermatovenerologist. – High activity of sweat glands leads to an increase in skin moisture, and harmful substances from the environment are retained on it (emissions of road transport are more important for Novosibirsk), which pollute and irritate the skin. ”

In the summer heat, you need to moisturize your skin and protect it from the sun

But I do not need to wash it five times a day – two procedures are enough: in the morning, to wash off the fat that has appeared during the night and the remains of night cosmetics, and in the evening – to wash off dust, dirt, grease and cosmetics. This also applies to dry skin – it must also be washed. According to Marina Sakhniuk, everyone needs water, cleaning without it is comparable to if the dirty dish was smeared with detergent, but did not wash it off, but only wiped it.

Naturally, for dry and oily skin, different means for washing are needed: oily – light gels, often with antibacterial effect, dry – milk for washing, dense, creamy preparations.

The feeling of tightness after washing is solved using a tonic, also properly selected for the type and features of the skin. Then follows the application of the cream: in the summer, you can not refuse the day’s remedy – it not only moisturizes, but also protects against free radicals, microparticles of dirt and dust. In order not to cause discomfort, in the summer you can change the structure of the remedy – instead of a thick cream, take a degreased moisturizing gel.


The third important point of the summer care program is hydration. You need to drink more clean water, have thermal water in hand at the fingertips and apply it even to make-up – fatty skin beforehand is better to soak matting napkin. In summer, especially recommended for various moisturizing salon procedures, but peelings should be postponed until the fall. Also put aside the cleansers with the peeling effect, with the fruit acids from which the skin is injured, becomes more sensitive to the natural effects, so it is better to use them when the sun is not so bright and not so directional.

Caution: eyes are flowing

Now about make-up, how to change it in the summer. We will make a reservation that we are not talking about room temperature 20-22 ° C, but about the heat, when the thermometer’s column rises to 30 ° C. Let’s start in order. From the base, according to Svetlana Dunaeva, the top stylist of the model agency Status, you can refuse in such weather to avoid unnecessary heat in the heat, or use a very light, gel base for make-up. Tone – liquid, we refuse from creamy structures, for a fat skin we take oil free agent, dry it is possible to tonify and with oils.

In the summer heat, you need to moisturize your skin and protect it from the sun

There is a feature in liquid tone – low overlapping properties, so to mask the obvious problems it is worth using a proofreader, but also liquid, not in stick. “For oily skin in the heat, a powder with a foundation effect is suitable,” advises Svetlana. “It looks like a compact powder, but is applied by a wet sponge. ”

From soft pencils for eyebrows and eyeliner is better to refuse – the lines that they applied can “flow”, so in the summer, use dry eyeliner for the eyebrows, and for eyelashes – resistant liquid.

For beach make-up, of course, will require waterproof mascara, in the daytime in the city suitable and ordinary, but high-quality, which does not crumble. Cream shades and blush in summer look especially good – they play in the sun. But you need to understand that they will not have to show off with them for long – they are slipping. Therefore, if there is no strength to abandon the gloss, it is better to use natural, light colors, the lubrication of which is not so noticeable. Colors of blush and lip gloss (dense lipstick put off until autumn) should harmonize with each other, and this season popular berry shades.

What in the end? Do not let yourself wither and burn, use light natural colors in makeup, remember hygiene! And summer will not become a torture for your skin, and she will rejoice with him along with you.

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