July 24, 2024

In the service of the Zodiac

The desire for mysticism, the need for decision-making or just the desire to kill time every day makes about 3,500 visitors to the NHS enter the section “Horoscope”. The sign of the zodiac became an additional point in the story of himself between the date of birth and the genus of activity.

In the service of the Zodiac

And although some are skeptical about astrological forecasts, sometimes they also look in them, at least out of curiosity. About how the astrological forecast is made and how to respond to warnings about the danger, the correspondent of SE found out from Oksana Lozan, the astrologer of the NSA.

What is the difference between a horoscope and an astrological forecast?

A horoscope is an image of a picture of the sky at a certain moment. Roughly speaking, this is a circle on which there is a plan of planets and zodiacal constellations. There are several types of horoscopes. The natal chart is a horoscope, compiled on the basis of the following parameters: the place, date and time of birth of a certain person. There is also a horoscope horoscope – it is built to see the conditions for the implementation of a particular event. Also, a horoscope of a city, a country, some event or a horoscope of compatibility of two people – a synastry map can be built. And the astrological forecast is the astrologer’s assumption about the effect of the planets located in a certain position at a particular moment on a person.

Do you think your forecasts come true?

My forecasts, like all the forecasts that are published in mass editions, are written for the average representative of a particular zodiac sign. And for this average, for example, Gemini or Leo, my forecasts come true.

But the thing is that we are not all average representatives of the zodiac signs. Everyone has an individual birth horoscope, there are 10 planets, signs of the zodiac and several important points that determine the character of a person – the way he perceives himself, and how people perceive him.

Therefore, each, for example, being an Aries on a solar sign, can be at the same time expressed Taurus or Virgo. Such people can safely watch the forecasts for other signs of the zodiac and then already draw a conclusion about what can happen. And again, do not forget such a wise phrase: “The stars declined, but do not oblige. ”

And how to find out who you really are? Do you need to compile an individual horoscope?

Of course. But you can also read the description of the zodiacal signs – to find that certain similar features exist with one or another sign. True, it will be approximately.

In the service of the Zodiac

Do you yourself follow astrological predictions? Your own?

I can make myself a forecast for any time, but I do it extremely rarely. And in the media, I read prognoses from professional curiosity and sometimes I think: “That’s what I understand, why it is written, but this I do not understand. ”

How correctly to respond to the astrological forecast? If the day is unfavorable for love or shopping, you need to cancel the date and not go to the store?

We will make a reservation that forecasts are only a general picture of possible events. If for you on this day it is undesirable to visit the shops, it is better to listen all the same. Many are familiar with the lunar calendar of the gardener. So, the purchase, in fact, is also not worth doing thoughtlessly.

When the Moon in Gemini, for example, do not buy items for long use – too likely that you will spend money for nothing, and buying a long time will not last.

Usually I warn about such things in daily forecasts. A date … If the lovers are serious, then the small complications and quarrels will not have much effect on the relationship. And if this date, for example, for one night – then it’s not worth it.

And how about the horoscopes of compatibility? Previously it was fashionable to ask about the sign of the zodiac and depending on the result to rejoice or grieve. How to relate to this?

I really like how a similar question was answered by our Novosibirsk astrologer Mikhail Shabalin. Literally I do not remember, but the essence is this: choosing a spouse by the sign of the zodiac is as ridiculous as, for example, the color of shoes. In fact, the sign of the zodiac is not all. A great role is played by the partners’ moon, their position in relation to each other speaks about the presence or absence of mutual understanding, sincerity in the relationship. The position of Mars will make it possible to judge about sexual compatibility, Venus – about the social aspect of relationships … There are too many nuances, and in each case it is necessary to understand individually.

In the service of the Zodiac

Uncover the secret: how is the astrological forecast prepared?

Oh, it’s a complicated process … I light the candles, outline the circle around me, go out into the astral and prophesy …. Just kidding. Astrology is an exact science at the intersection of mathematics, physics and, of course, astronomy. Now there are astrological programs that make it easier to calculate the positions of the planets, but still my daily work – to calculate, analyze and describe, preferably not too abstruse.

Does it matter what the year will be in the Eastern calendar?

Of course it does. The Chinese or Oriental calendar is one of the oldest on earth. Initially, he was connected with nature much more closely than now. And the wisdom of generations accumulated over the centuries can not be ignored so easily, even if we now have what we think is more “accurate” knowledge. The meaning of this calendar is not so much in the names of animals, as in their “qualities. ”So, the year of the Wooden Rat differs from the Earthy year, since in the years of the “wooden” elements growth, development, spreading and movement in any direction occurs, and the year of “land” inclines us to the accumulation of the previously produced.

What to expect from next year? What will it be like?

Complicated, like all previous years, but effective. And every person who knows what he is capable of, can achieve a lot. It will not be easy, though. But interestingly – for sure. The Year of the Rat (Mice) is a year of new, ambitious plans. For the formation of capital, the discovery of their business and the accumulation of funds, it is difficult to choose a more suitable year. But there’s no need to take risks this year, as well as overestimate your own strengths and capabilities.

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