In the season of discounts you can save both on summer dresses and on fur coats

People are divided into those who are in a hurry to buy new items of the season and sparkle with a fashionable thing in the forefront, and those who think that you can wait a couple of months and buy the same thing for half the price. 

Both those and others are right – the first enjoy their relevance, the latter – economical. July is the time of the first discounts for summer collections and the last for winter ones. It’s nice that some things can be bought at a very low price – their cost drops by 70%.

The correspondent of SE made inquiries about sales.


It’s nice to buy fur in the summer – it’s warm in the street, and the coat does not seem to be a necessity, but a beautiful decoration for your tanned skin. Well, prices are also encouraging.

For example, in the salon “Minus 30” mink fur coat can be bought even for 35 thousand rubles, but expect that it will be short and uncomplicated. On average, discount coats in the cabin can now be purchased starting from 45 thousand rubles. In the “Snow Queen” sheepskin can be bought for 25 thousand rubles and even less – discounts in the store reach up to 70%, but such a large markdown is not given on all models.

In the salon of “Chloyazim” for the entire women’s assortment of sheepskin coats – 50% discount, and the item can be purchased for 17 thousand rubles. On fur coats the discount is individual on models, but it is cheaper than 100 thousand to buy it will not turn out. “East-Nova” offers a 20% discount for a mink – that is, a fur coat can be bought for 70-80 thousand rubles, sheepskin without a discount costs 25 thousand – a discount on it is 30%; In addition, you can buy the remains of past collections – short sheepskin coats, fur jackets for 3-4 thousand rubles, but the size range is limited.

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summer season is the time to wear jewelry, and the beach is their place. The cream was taken off by the women of fashion, but those who did not believe in the rain that the summer would be, there was something bright and brilliant. In Marmalato, now discounts on bags: if before a bright model of artificial material cost about 1500 rubles, now it can be taken for 700.

There is a curious suggestion 1 + 1 = 3: choosing three things with special icons – mainly jewelry, swimwear, wallets (all except shoes and bags) – you pay only two – those that are more expensive. 

In Accessorize, discounts of 50% on bags, jewelry, scarves – on these products there is an icon of 1/2, that is, ornaments that cost 700 rubles can be taken for 350. In addition, some jewelry, slates, tights will cost you as much as 70% .


Summer is in full swing, and summer shoes are already selling out. And with significant discounts. For example, in Respect, everything is given at half price: beige moccasins or slippers with knitted inserts will be yours for 1100 rubles, some models of boats – for 900. The cost of closed shoes does not exceed one and a half thousand, boots – all 900, however, the models were extravagant: colors of suede, embroidered with beads of stubs – no one guarantees that in the new season they will still remain relevant. In Carnaby, too, throw off half: bronze, beige, red shoes, boats, cost 3990, you can buy for 1350 rubles. In Carlo Pazolini announced the last price – ballet flats and slaps give for two thousand.

In “Askania” is going on unprecedented – some shoes fly to your home for a third of the cost. Naturally, most models are not represented by all the size series, but you can try to find your own. Those who sell half cheaper, different sizes are still there: for example, lacquer ballet shoes or leopard sandals, previously costing more than 5 thousand, now you can take for 3 thousand. In “Rossita” some models can be bought for 990 rubles, but you will not find enchantingly attractive on this shelf – they sell the leftovers.


July is a hot time for clothing stores: crowds of sufferers are stormed by counters with discounted dresses, still as relevant, but become more accessible. In the store Zara on separate tables lie mountains of thin blouses without a pattern, nice flowers, for 600-700 rubles, shirts with funny inscriptions for 500, woolen blouses for 700.

In stores Oggi, BeFree, Incity, Camaieu a cotton blouse with short sleeves is given for 350-500 rubles, dresses for 800, skirts – for 500-700.

In Lilies, SoFrench, E2O discounts reach 50%: dresses costing 1990 rubles, cost 1200, blouses – 700-900 rubles. In the Promod store, many things – dresses, blouses, blouses – began to cost 990 rubles. Things can still be found interesting and different sizes – so hurry.

It’s nice that we will have time to buy summer things for a hot season at hot prices. And the weather has guessed, and stores. Merry shopping!

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