July 22, 2024

In the new season, slanting bangs and a hairdo of “spikelets” will become fashionable

Fashion for hairstyles is as fickle as fashion on the width of trousers. In this season, opposites are allowed, and they coexist peacefully with each other.

A natural children’s blonde and decorative copper-red color, a lush fleece and a smooth little head, a disheveled straw of straight hair and a natural curl – all this diversity is topical and modern.

The details are below.

A good hairstyle is a complex concept, just a haircut here is indispensable. The components of the image are the hue and coloring technique, the shape of the hairstyle and the quality of the hair, the length and volume of the bangs.

Color dictatorship

Bright, pure color – the main character of the hairdressing fashion of this season. It is with his help that the hair style is given topicality. “The copper-red color is at the forefront of fashion,” says Alexei Gusev, expert colorist, Wella Color Podium. – It’s copper. Not Celtic red, but extreme, bright, to which the most courageous mods will dare. ”

Those who are not ready to go with a blazing head, will come up with other important shades of the season, where preference is given to “gold. ” “The color scheme of this spring is golden chestnut, shades of henna,” art director of the salon “Kamiy Alban” Andrey Kovalev shares his impressions of the trip to Paris. – If we talk about blonding, then here the choice is for natural light-blond color, the children’s – milk-blond is popular ».

Good news for those who, while lightening, constantly struggles with yellowness – now they offer to leave it, giving a golden hue, but “platinum” and “ash” should be avoided in the same way as pink overflows.

The highlighting gives the hair a visual volume. That’s just a contrasting classic melirovanie now is not in favor, popularity has won color touches, soft toning, adjusting the main color strands a little lighter. “Now the technique of painting is popular (from English painting),” says Alexei Gusev. – The clarifying agent is applied by smears to the surface of the hair, which does not completely change their hue, but only creates overflows. This achieves the effect of the hair of Europeans, whose color consists of many different tones. ”

Lush or smooth

Another way to make the volume of hair old as the world – it’s hair. In that season, he, imagine, is very popular not only on the podium, but also in evening hairstyles for social events. Of course, it is more sparing and easy than the one our mums adorned in the students. Only brush the hair at the roots, without touching the tips. Of course, the top layer of hair should be left smooth and shiny. And certainly, this method should be used only in solemn occasions, without trying to make a “big” head in the morning. So the stylist of the salon KiNO does not advise to get carried away: “They are good as a stylization for a certain dress code, they are good as an evening dress, but for everyday youth fashion the naches are too complicated and therefore irrelevant. ”

As we have already said, there are opposites on the fashion scene: instead of nap, you can use for dressing your hair, smoothing your hair and collecting them on the back of the head in a bun. This hairstyle can be called evening and even glamorous – the stars are willing to use this technique to give their image a glossy effect.

Line up squares on the oblique

The most popular form this season is the square and, accordingly, the haircuts on its basis. The main distinguishing feature of this base is its graphics and clarity, but it can also be refreshed, giving an asymmetry to both the total mass of the hair and just the bangs – today they are often cut along the scythe.

According to art director of the salon “Kamiy Alban”, straight thick bangs – the hit of last season – are almost not used, the variants of medium density with very deep asymmetry or simply truncated ones are much more popular. Also, in connection with the fashion for asymmetry, famous designers decorating the heads of models at shows use a beveled, side parting.

It is desirable to leave the total mass of hair untouched: “The main trend is the massiveness, the clarity of the lines,” says Yevgeny Shlyakhov, the stylist of the salon KiNO. – Filirovka, torn edges at the square are unpopular. ”

Asymmetry also touched short haircuts. Forgotten last year, in this they regained popularity mainly thanks to the model of Agnes Dane, who boldly changes her hair color, but remains true to her boyish hairstyle. According to Mr. Kovalev, the form of short haircuts this spring should be plucked, torn, ruffled, and bangs either do not need at all, or also cuts on the oblique.

To wield or not to twist?

If we talk about the struggle of straight hair and curls, then still on this battlefield is a draw. A natural curl that can not even be combed is the novelty of the season, but also the “rainy”, ironed hair is still in the trend. “Both curls and straight, ironed hair are equally popular,” says Yevgeny Shlyakhov. “No matter how praised the fashion curls, in reality, smooth hair does not take its position. ” In addition, modern styling tools allow several movements to straighten the curls, and to give the straight strands a wavy appearance. So you can change at least every day, most importantly – to watch out so as not to spoil the quality of hair.

Fashion at home

From long hair you can build the most up-to-date hairstyle with your own hands. It’s about the “spikelet”. Yes, yes, this school hairstyle, hiding under the elegant name giles, has become trendy this spring.

Its zest is that after the “spikelets” are braided – smooth and smooth, it must be disheveled, holding the axial strand, pulling upward, like a frill on a ribbon.

Fashionable stylists are sure that in this way the effect of natural fur is achieved. But even if you do not see the similarity, the originality and femininity of the hairstyle can not be noticed.

And finally I would like to recall that despite any trends and novelties, giving the hair a natural look or, conversely, “made”, the most important requirements remain grooming and a healthy look of hair. After all, beauty and health are almost equivalent concepts, and brilliant thick hair, no matter how they lay, will always evoke pleasant emotions in others. And vice versa, dull and lifeless strands, whatever one may say, are depressed. Take care of yourself!

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