July 22, 2024

In the new season, in addition to narrow, fashion will include very wide jeans

What did not come up with jeans – they also tore, and shortened, and zauzhivali, and expanded, the fabric was also rough, and soft, and velvety. The traditional dirty-blue color changed to white, and black, and to the most popular sky-blue.

Decorated with gin and rhinestones, and lace, and embroidery. Hardly anyone can be surprised by inventions and frills in the denim fashion. Now you can choose the model that suits you. However, trends and trends also exist here. The correspondent of SE recognized the autumn trends in denim fashion.

The first jeans, patented in 1873 by the wholesale trader from California, Levi Strauss, had one back pocket with a stitch in the form of an arch, a pocket for the watch, a device for fitting around the waist and buttons for fastening braces and were called “overalls”. For a long time jeans were a part of laborers (cowboys began wearing them after the advertisement was launched, claiming that it was their main clothes).

The situation changed during the Second World War, when inexpensive and nocturnal jeans began to wear to virtually all segments of the population. Americans thought that the war was about to end, and they could again return to the usual respectable style. But this did not happen – the jeans virus not only firmly established itself in the minds of the inhabitants of the United States, they infected them and other continents,

The first female model of jeans was designed as far back as 1935, but it was not popular at that time. However, after the war, jeans began to serve as a symbol of the emancipation of women who appreciated the convenience of this clothing and did not want to give it up. Baggy cut very quickly replaced by sexy tight-fitting models, in the sixties a model of flare appeared that makes any female figure attractive. Since then, several types of jeans alternate year after year, from season to season. What awaits us in the near future?

Narrow blue jeans – “little pipes” – perhaps, no other option can not so capaciously characterize the entire autumn fashion for jeans.

Over the summer, for sure figures have become slimmer, allow themselves to wear frank trousers will be all. Especially since the long volumetric top, with which they are recommended to be worn, will conceal non-standard hips. Another advantage – the form of “pipes” extends outwardly and makes any leg more slender.

Jeans – “pipes”, Motivi, from 2690 rubles.
Jeans are “pipes”, Mango, 1999 rub.

But not only this trend can be found in shops, and, accordingly, on the streets of the city: “Very tight jeans are still in vogue,” says Inna Popkova, director of the Mango store. “And after a few seasons the klesh came back to us, and it’s very wide. ”Return klesh – good news, because it is suitable for almost every figure and generally works wonders, making the legs longer, and the thighs line more smooth and exciting.

Jeans flare, Mango, 1939 руб. ,

Jeans flare, Levi’s, sale from 990 rub.

There is an option for those who do not dare to stretch their legs: “Apart from the pipes, we offer other interesting models of jeans,” says Irina Shiryaeva, director of the Motivi store. – Very wide, but not flared, but straight from the hip. These trousers can be called a novelty of the season. ”

Wide jeans, Motivi, from 2690 to 3090 rubles.
Wide jeans, “Depot”, 1590 rub.

For those who prefer the original design, there are also non-standard fashion solutions: “Levi’s autumn 2007 presents a whole denim” portfolio “, – the advertising manager of the group of companies” Conquest “Valery Shabalin shares his impressions. – From low-sack baggy jeans to very dense and narrowed. Curiously, many models have a canonical three-dimensional design and twisted seams. ”

An interesting model skinny – jeans, narrowed down, hanging at the waist, looking as if stretched, but allowing you to think that the thighs beneath them are perfectly slender.

Jeans skinny, Levi’s, up to 5000 rub.
Jeans of original models, “Depot”, 1590 rub.

As for the color range, this season it is mostly dark, down to black. The most popular is gray. In general, this is the main color of the upcoming season, ranging from pearl to “wet asphalt”: “The new collection of jeans is dominated by a gray color,” says Irina Shiryaeva, Motivi. “A little less is represented by black, the usual blue is almost none. ”

Hardly anyone would disagree with the fact that today, with freedom in everything and in essence reigning in fashion eclecticism, everyone chooses jeans for himself to taste, prosperity and style. The benefit is that the assortment is great. But still there are some taboos.

For example, that the low waist gradually goes out of fashion, it is already known, perhaps, to all. However, few decide to change the habit of walking with a naked loin. But in the autumn, fashion stores will be taken care of by shops – in new collections there are more and more models if not with an overpriced, then at least with an acceptable middle waistline. Out of fashion (possibly due to seasonality) and other popular design variants:

“If we talk about the fact that now in full” out “, – continues Inna Popkova, Mango, – then it is, perhaps, ragged jeans – in a new there are no autumn collections at all. ”

So we choose by the season, but remember that the fashion does not mean suitable to any figure. Having carefully examined herself in the mirror, soberly assessing her abilities, each girl will be able to choose even from the offered models the one that will not only brighten up, but also decorate.

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