April 20, 2024

In the new season, huge bags will shrink in size and take on unusual shapes

Bags, which we called oversize last year and pointed to with a finger, are not so surprising in this. And as it turned out, bags can be even bigger! However, less often – the size of XXL is not so relevant.

If last year the possession of a large bag could be equated to a duty, then this season, walking with it is more like a brave trick. And those who are tired of dressing, it is worth paying attention to the classic shapes and sizes. They are sought not only by the giants – that’s the crumbs-clutches, for example, grown up.

But do not think that the classic has mastered the situation on all fronts. The calmness of forms returns, but the restlessness of materials and colors remains and strengthens the position. Further – details.

Size and elastic forms

For bags oversize is not all lost, interest in them is fueled by a new form – now they resemble a suitcase for travel. The most topical models are bag-briefcases, into which everything that can always be at hand easily fits. But the tendency to optimize the size can not be noticed:

“Good news for those who are tired of carrying huge bags: in the spring, feminine handbags of medium size entered into fashion, especially hard cases,- says Svetlana Zubova, Merchandiser Marmalato.

“Loving clutches also become more practical: they have increased in size and have become more spacious. ”By the way, bags are more often offered to be carried in hands, and not to hang on the shoulder – handles become smaller, but denser and are treated as a separate bright detail. Bags-envelopes, bags-purses – all these little pretty little things, created not for convenience, but for beauty and grace, are not released from the hands.

Unusual shapes, colors, textures, they are very popular in the spring fashion, and not only as an evening accessory, but also as a full-fledged business bag. As for the sporting style, still young and vigorous is given indulgence – big soft bags on the straps can be found if it is good to look. Gold, silver, bronze, most often from textiles, they look fun and informally.

Decor and color spots

Silver and gold are the unconditional hits of spring. Not the first season, you say? “This time all the colors became brighter: if silver, then shining, if it’s gold, then with defiant brilliance, shades of bronze appeared,” Marina Averkina, director of the EDMINS store, tells about the changes.

In the new season, huge bags will shrink in size and take on unusual shapes

In place of the winter thick and dark colors came light spring joyful hues, and they in turn were further refreshed by amusing prints and bold decor.

Speaking of details, straps, belts, fringes, rings are hung on strict bags – simplicity of forms is counterbalanced by the whimsicality of the details.

Asymmetric clasps, randomly located zippers, handles on the side – the details should be surprising. Ekaterina Smolkina, manager of the interior of Accessorize, talks about the decor: “The refined craftsmanship of embroidery and needlework gives the spring collection a sense of sophistication and uniqueness, inspired by the optimistic and carefree era of the hippies of the 70s. ”In themes and performance prints are dominated by retro-style and impressionism.

Lacquer and satin

Vinyl-lacquered artificial leather is still popular. Stitched from his bag of bright neon colors is also not the first season in the fashion arena, but do not rush to leave it. “Patent leather and colored metal tint are the mandatory attributes of the spring wardrobe,” continues Svetlana Zubova.

I will not surprise anybody if I remember the skin of reptiles and the stylization for it. However, with the onset of warm times, according to Marina Averkina, the “heavy” texture “under the python” departs into the past or acquires light (white, milky, beige) shades. The same, by the way, to some extent occurs and with a varnish. It is good in the classical version (black, red), in smooth forms, which in spring and summer usually give way to lighter, light options – such, for example, as textile bags.

In the new season, huge bags will shrink in size and take on unusual shapes

“If we talk about bags made of cloth, the most popular in this season will be stitched out of satin,” Svetlana Zubova is sure. This material well resonates with the main trends of spring – elegance, brilliance, gloss and gloss.

Fashionable, although the exact opposite of the previous trend can be called a woven bag in the style of safari, sewn from a rough sacking of sand colors. In this season they have become more geometric and firm.

As for the compatibility of bags with a toilet, attention is now being paid not to shoes, as was always the case, but to large bracelets or gloves. A bright bag can generally live its life and not look back at the environment, but only if the entire outfit is executed in neutral colors and generally modest and strict. Do not be afraid of catchy colors and unusual shapes! Remember that fantasy is the main trend of the season. Dare!

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