March 4, 2024

In the Center of Oriental Traditions “Taisha” will help to reveal femininity, sensuality and teach the magic of female power

A wonderful mystery lives in each of us. Mystery and divine light. The only question is how to get to the secret and find the lost? How to restore the eyes to shine, and the heart the ability to love, believe, compassion?

How to teach the soul to hear its inner ringing, and to give the body the dancing ease? Write a prescription for a happy future is not easy. However, the creators of the Novosibirsk Center for Oriental Traditions and Practice “Taisha” took the liberty to support those who set foot on the path of self-knowledge and who asked themselves this and other questions.

That’s really really, having crossed the threshold of the center “Taisha”, immediately transferred to a space unlike the fussy everyday world. Silent melody, oriental landscapes and Asian beauties in pictures. In such an atmosphere it is good to drink tea and listen to your inner sensations. And still it seems that somewhere from the depths of the rooms must certainly appear refined beauty-geisha, which will give guests a fragrant tea, support the conversation and fill the surrounding space with meaning and harmony.

And there is. In the Center of Oriental Traditions “Taisha” there really is a school of geisha, in which women immerse themselves in the unusual world of the East with its female secrets and secrets, which the teachers of the school help to disclose.

“Undoubtedly, our school is different from the classical Japanese school,” says Tatyana Pakhomova, the founder of the center. – We do not teach to wear a heavy kimono and walk in wooden sandals on a high platform.

In the Center of Oriental Traditions "Taisha" will help to reveal femininity, sensuality and teach the magic of female power

The program of the Taisha geisha school is based on the knowledge and practices of various eastern schools, as well as philosophers, psychologists, who can be successfully used by a modern woman.

Our task is to awaken in a woman tenderness, femininity, to include her positive energy, so that she discovers in herself what exists inside, but is not in demand yet. ”

Why is this image – the refined beauty-geisha – chosen as a symbol of the school? With a frivolous special, courtesan, as many used to think, a geisha has nothing in common. From Japanese this word is translated as a man of art. Geisha is an artist, this is freedom of expression, this is inner freedom that comes from within. Geisha is a woman who, through her own image, reflects the beauty of the world’s picture and causes in the man a careful, enthusiastic attitude towards her.

The philosophy of the school geisha, which appeared in Russia more than 10 years ago, allows you to change the inner state of a modern woman.

In the Center of Oriental Traditions "Taisha" will help to reveal femininity, sensuality and teach the magic of female power

Teachers of the Taisha geisha school in the basic course open secrets that will help:

• reveal femininity, sensuality, learn about the magic of female power;
• to learn to be interesting for men, to find harmony in relations with a partner, to attract one’s half;
• to get skills of seduction, to learn psychological features of relationships with men;
• build relationships with your man at a deeper level;
• learn how to love a man and be free of it?
• To answer the question: how to combine business activity, success and at the same time remain a Woman?
• to discover the art of marriage rooms, to reveal their sexual energy, to master the skills of sensual massage;
• immerse yourself in the world of tea ceremony, get acquainted and taste the famous types of tea, learn how to organize a cozy women’s space, where you want to return again and again and be interesting for your man and not only for him;
• learn to manage vital, sexual energy with the help of Taoist practices of working with fragrances.

“In addition, with the help of various practices, we will try to connect strength and femininity, i. e. harmonize the male and female beginnings within oneself, which will open up your potential to an even greater extent. But most importantly – we will try to release the energy of the Primeval Woman, to release her free. And when it rises from the depths and begins to assert itself, then you will find a surprise: you may have interests, thoughts and feelings that you did not even know about before. This process is primary. And then everything follows – from immersion in the world of tea ceremony to the magic secrets of beauty and sexuality, which is also included in the course program, “says Tatyana Pakhomova.

After the completion of the basic course, classes continue in the areas that the student chooses and in which she wants to fully reveal:

• School of tea mastery;
• Deep knowledge of the Taoist practices of working with fragrances;
• The art of oriental dance;
• Practicing yoga.

It’s not just interesting, it’s a whole planet of unexplored sensations. These are practices through which the world of everyone can become brighter, filled with smells, movement, energy.

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