May 29, 2024

In “Sanitas Clinic” help patients to fight fear and put “pearl” teeth

Today it is not so easy to scare people with a dentist – the times described by Chekhov, when only ticks and a bunt were out of all the devices, they passed. The time passed also for Soviet dentistry, when anesthesia was even worse than the toothache itself, and the “tenderness” of physicians forced people to stay away from dental offices.

However, the fear of pain – and the toothache is the most terrible – in people in the genes, and everything that is associated with it, inspires awe. The administrator of the Sanitas Clinic remembers how she had to calm and distract the patient’s conversations, with worry and fear putting shoe covers on her head!

Employees of the clinic believe that the creation of psychological comfort for patients has the same curative effect as the manipulations of the dentist themselves.

The clinic begins with an administrator.

His voice – the first thing that affects the attitude to the institution. Agree, if you nahamyat on the phone, the desire is in this institution to solve such a delicate problem as a toothache, you will not appear. And if the person on the other end of the wire is not very sure of what you need in their clinic and what will help you here, there will be doubts: whether to go or not to go? After all, someone who has a toothache, requires not only a seal – he needs comfort. “All patients are different, each has its own story,” says Tatyana Zhuk, administrator of Sanitas Clinic.

For example, a man, judging by his voice, is elderly, he called and somehow very timidly asked how we are being treated. He was interested in exactly the process (as it turned out later, the treatment somewhere in another place left negative memories). He listened, signed up for an appointment, but hesitantly. On the appointed day, I called him to find out if he would come. In response, she heard the same unshakable voice and confusion.

I invited him to come, since he had asked to quit his job, and to decide on the spot whether our clinic would arrange it or not. He agreed and came. I was impressed by the discrepancy between the external data and the “telephone voice”: it was a young, athletic man, though still distrustful and timid. But he came – and that was enough. From the doctor he came out just happy. ” still incredulous and timid. But he came – and that was enough. From the doctor he came out just happy. ” still incredulous and timid. But he came – and that was enough. From the doctor he came out just happy. ”

Sometimes administrators perform not only the role of telecom operators: they and nannies – one patient left the baby carriage with a child under Tatiana’s supervision for an hour and a half, they and nurses – some patients need urgent medical help.

And what happens during this time in the office, if patients go out happy there?

“Please do not believe those who say your disease is not being treated! – says Lilia Baranchikova, a dentist of the highest category, specializing in periodontics. “We take patients with the most severe forms of the disease for treatment and get good results – strengthening the teeth, preserving them for many years. ”Here you perform such fine work as plastic operations on the gums with the applications of membrane technologies, – agree, on the ability to improve self-esteem, such interference can be compared with nose plasty, not to mention the clinical requirements.

To achieve the kind of real teeth from artificial teeth and create a feeling of native teeth for the patient to forget the pain of loss – the main direction in which modern dental prosthetics move. “Today we offer the installation of prostheses from non-metal ceramics. This technology allows you to create teeth in appearance and durability similar to pearls – white, smooth, with a natural sheen, resistant to heat and enamel harmful substances that are released when eating, – says Anatoly Tashkin, head of the dental department of the Clinic Sanitas. – In addition, all dental prosthetics are performed using the SAM-2 articulator. This ultra-precise mechanical device allows you to model the entire variety of chewing movements of a person. As a result, a prosthesis made using an articulator,

More often in the practice of prosthetics, the term “implantation” occurs. “The technology we are proud of is implantation using the Swedish Astratech system,” the dentist Svetlana Tretyakova continues. – This is a painless restoration of the dentition, if one, or several, or even all of the teeth is lost. The new teeth are indistinguishable from the real ones (they look as if they grow out of the gum). At the same time, adjacent teeth remain untouched, because the implant is placed directly in the jawbone. The operation and the postoperative period are completely painless, the time of implant implantation is minimal. The completion of such a modern high-tech treatment is a harmonious smile of the patient. ”

And finally one more case from the practice of the administrator Tatyana Zhuk:
“A gypsy came:
“Is this a polyclinic? ”
“Not really. ”We treat our teeth.
– It does not matter. Give him an injection, he spends with the spine, – she pointed at her companion, – and I’ll pay you. You know, my dear, you are very kind, and everybody uses it.
– I do not put nyxes, I’m an administrator.

Then she turned directly to the dentist: “You put! Do you want me to tell you the truth? You work very hard … “. Then the doctor, seeing such perseverance, asked the nurse, his assistant, to inject. Julia took the guy to the treatment room. When they got help and left, we laughed: “What difference does it make to where they got to. “Once in white coats, then treat. ”Maybe this is right. “

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